Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Online yarn shops around India

Online yarnshops around India

There are a lot of online craftshops or yarnshops here in India, but for now I would just give links to online yarn sources, 2 of which I often purchase here. Others, I still have yet to try purchasing at them. These shops are pradhan embroidery stores which is located in Mumbai.  They don't offer free shipping, but often I'm not too in a hurry with my projects so for regular mail they charge Rp75 and transit time is about 1 week.  I'm quite near to the post office too and that is very convenient courier for me.  They have more choices and more quantity with the colors like anchor knitting cotton and ganga yarns (I often use), which sometimes I don't find here in my local shop ( see my previous post.  They're also seller of knitpro crochet hooks and knitting needles.  Good customer service too, several times I ask something about a particular brand through whats app and they're very accomodating.  The other one I often frequent is ponycraft store.  They offer free shipping if you order Rp999 and above.  They carry Turkish brand Nako yarns and local brands too.  The first time I ordered was quite a hassle because they send it with Bluedart courier, which only delivers around Margao.  I have to go all the way to Margao to take my yarns.  During my next purchase, I send an email to ponycraft store, immediately they called me up and ask what will be my preferred courier.  

Other online yarnshops that I would like to try purchasing later on would be: 

allkraftz - alize yarns, knitpro crochet hooks and knitting needles, zing and nova needles distributor

shuttles and needles - yarns, weaving looms, felting tools   they are located in chennai 

silk indian -  silk yarns   i have bought from this shop once. there's no direct link on the shop for purchasing.  Have to fill up an order form. 
indian silk shop - this is another supplier of silk yarns, but haven't tried purchasing from them yet either.

crochet bella -  distributor of white rose brand yarns/threads

I think that would be all for the online yarn sources.  Please let me know if there are new sources out there that I haven't listed.

Latest Projects

Short sleeve lace cardigan for purchase.  

size 30-32" bust, 32" length can be use as a beach cover up too.  Now, its a good time to purchase to get ready for summer!  This is available too for a made to order of your size.

Crochet baby booties - newborn sizes.

Find me on kraftly as knitwerks and crafts.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Local yarn shop In South Goa

Where to shop for yarns in South Goa

Several russian tourists have asked me on ig on where they can get yarns when they come to Goa. There isn't really much source and choice if I just shop in the local market.  I remember a friend telling me that fishes are the only thing that you will get a lot of choices if you come to Goa. That was funny!

As for other craft materials and fabrics anyone will definitely find a lot of it,  beads, ribbons, flowering making materials ( like for those wedding ensembles).  Some shops that are selling buttons, ribbons, sewing threads, are also selling yarns, but they will have a limited supply of it.  There's this one shop in Margao, that is specially selling yarns that are produce in India. For acrylic yarns, local people mostly refer or call it "wool", maybe because acrylic is like artificial wool to the touch, but I also find cotton crochet threads in this shop, pearl cotton and the anchor knitting cotton i often use for crochet garments I make.

yarnshop in Margao, Goa
The shop's attendant/owner is an old man, but recently he's got a new lady assistant.  The shop is located in Margao's New market.  The shop has a good range of locally produce Indian brand yarns like Ganga, anchor embroidery and crochet/knitting cotton threads, anchor red heart threads, vardhman yarns, pony crochet hooks and knitting needles, sewing threads, sewing needles.  On the side of the door the are these unbranded acrylic yarns in hanks, the colors are really lovely.  The  texture is acceptable for making clothing. I think I would prefer using it over vardhman mellenium. He's also got fancy yarns stack up along the side of the door, but I've never tried using that.

Margao New Market

Looking at the map, I have to come at Rua F de Loiola Road.  There's an entrance to the market just across Noor textiles.  It is just the second or third shop from the entrance just facing this Goa Sausages Centre(which can be seen from the road).  

Ganga baby joy and Hobby India

These yarns I got from this local shop.  It was just for me to try, both types are acrylic and in 100grams/skein.   Baby Joy isn't bad at all and it for Rp110/skein.  I have used one of the previous color that I have already and made it into baby bonnets.  It has 

baby bonnet using ganga baby joy
  I like the feel of this hobby India and it cost only Rp75/skein.  It's thickness is like thread and it has a range of colors too. I'll give it a try on my needles or hook the soonest.  I hope Ganga will produce more blends in the future.  Mostly are acrylic and acrylic blends are produce, but I hope to see more cotton or cotton/blends.

unbranded acrylic yarns
These yarns are those that come in hanks, but i have winded later on.  I used these yarns mostly for decorations if my customers ask that they want a tablecloth in wool and not cotton.  The shop sells this per kilo, a hank will be around Rp35-40.

Going further down south is Canacona.  Probably they also have a local supplier there of yarns and threads. I am staying around 20-30 minutes from Margao, which is the nearest local market around for those who are in Cavellosim, Varca, Benaulim, and Colva.  These are the touristy area around the vicinity which are all on the beach side.  

So, if you are coming to South Goa and looking for yarns or a local craftshop check this out.   Margao is just 30-40 minutes from the airport by taxi or rickshaw.  Let me know what other things you'll be able to get here and if this is helpful for you crafters, knitters, crocheters.

Yarn review - anchor knitting cotton India

As I have been living in India for quite sometime now(my 3rd year living here) and I love doing thread/yarn craft  I thought of thinking a yarn review.  There are still a lot of yarn that I have to try, that are being produce in India.  Although mostly are acrylic or acrylic blend and cotton yarns are produce, but through my 2 year of living in India there have been new manufacturers that are coming out in the Indian market.  India is also a top producer for silk, but for now I would want to review first on those more affordable ones in the market and those that are often use.

Anchor knitting cotton is one of the affordable threads that is produce in India.  I like to use is because it is cotton.  Most of the wearable projects that I have done previously I have made use of this thread.  I mostly buy my supplies at pradhan embroidery stores online.  Anyway, online shopping has been promoted so much here already and that is my easiest access to everything I need rather than wasting time going around in the local market with very little choice or supply I will get.  The thread info online says this thread is a size 10, but actually it is comparable to size 8.  It is really thicker comparing to all the size 10 thread I have used.

purple and white anchor knitting cotton

Here are some projects I have made of this thread.

coffee colored short sleeve cardigan
I love the color of this thread. The pattern is beauty silk cotton bolero from pierrot yarns. This was a project by my student who already have a background in crochet.  She wanted so much to learn how to do something wearable.  So she did this for her birthday.  She use only 3.5 balls of anchor knitting cotton for size (32" bust).

kid's lace cardigan
This cardigan i got the chart on pinterest.  And this cardigan was for a size 6 years old girl.  The color of this thread is very lemony..very nice color.

my sleeveless wave top

sleeveless wave top
This top's pattern is from pierrot yarns called pearl lame linen summer top.  I love how this turned out too.  I used 4.5 balls of the thread and weight is still good.

The pattern I used was also from pierrot yarns called sarato cotton sweater.  I was mostly concerned of the weight of the tops.  But this one too was still of acceptable weight probably because it is of lace stitch.

This is Betty Sweater by Moon Eldridge. Now I forgot how many balls of thread I use for this but this came too heavy for a top.  If I'd do this top again, I would use a lighter thread or  yarn for this.

The other thing that I liked with this thread is that it doesn't stretch much. and just goes back to its shape even after washing.  Maybe it is because of the way it is plied?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

My December


I had a long "crochet break" from December.  I just had my hands back on the hook 2 days back. But before I talk about my last year's crochet projects, let me tell how I enjoyed my December.  Firstly, I did have to take a break from my commissioned projects because I volunteered to make wedding accessories for my sisters in law weddings. Flowergirls baskets, flowergirls  hair accessories, family corsages, confetti baskets, groomsmens' corsages, bridesmaids wrist corsages and hair accessories, etc.

The youngest sister in law's wedding came first on 26 Dec. 2017, which was a fall themed wedding.  I have been working for months on these accessories to confirm if the bride has approved the design. Not to forget, how extravagant and expensive weddings really are here in India.
bridesmaids wrist corsages
champagne glasses for the couple and the toast master
champagne glasses
groomsmens' corsage

family corsages

flowergirl's basket

flowergirl's basket details

flowergirl's headband

bride and groom's pillows for kneeling at the altar

fall themed wedding flowergirls' headband and baskets. at the wedding reception

I really loved the theme of this wedding and how everything was put together in such an elegant way and flattered with the compliments of relatives and friends for these wedding essentials.

Decembers in Goa are always hectic and you are sure to get invited for a wedding at least once a week!

Friday, September 22, 2017

It started with a Poncho in Goa

 I like to do various crafts. You can call me craft crazy if you meet me in person.  I mostly do crochet and knit.  I used to do cross-stitching during my in elementary and high school years.
one of my unfinish cross stitch projects 

I was able to make money already out of those back then. I sell my cross-stitch pieces  from 3k+ (PHP). I somewhat lost touch of crochet and knit when I was working in Philippines.  Then when i worked abroad in Singapore, I somehow remembered to just pick it up again when I learned that there are a lot of craft shops around singapore. Well, I didn't really know that one til after 2 years of working there.  So was it a good or bad thing for me? Both.  Bad, I wasn't able to learn that earlier but good because I would have hoarded already so much craft materials in those 2 years.

Sew Lip shop in jurong point shopping center
Coming from work on weekends sometimes we go to this shopping center, and this shop is there just beside Precious Moments.  I am crazy for both yarns and those Precious moments items, especially the figurines. This shop sells cross-stitch threads and accessories too, aside from European brand yarns that they carry.  They also have cheap yarns like from this project that I have which has been sitting unworked and being a work in progress for years! The thread brand is venus and it is in acrylic.

 I really didn't have a lot of time to relearn crochet and knit during my working years there since I am obviously in the office.  It was even a struggle for me to wake up in the morning to go to work when I started to sleep late just to crochet or knit for 2 hours in the night time, just before sleeping.  Those days are over for me.

Office work was like prison to me.  The pressure of deadlines. Even when it was time for me to sleep I dream of work.  That I thought i was really feeling a lot of stress from work.

Now I am over 2 years of living in Goa, India.  To described it, I maybe still financially stress at times but comparing to having a professional life before that I also get a lot of mental stress,  I am better off here at this moment.  I actually have a choice to go to the office, the same office where my husband works.  But then I told him, I would prefer to stay at home and do something else than go to work and travel for a total of 3 hours.

Crafting as a profession started then when I came to Goa.  I really didn't expect such support from local people around the neighboring villages.  I remembered my sister in law just introduce me to her gym trainor just by telling her I make crochet garments.  Then this girl just told me to make a poncho for her.
orange poncho - my first custom order 
 In a local community like here, word of mouth as a form of marketing is still very effective.  Local people around here aren't really that active on social media compared maybe to places where more people have access to  the internet. Most of my customers for handmade items are friends of my family/friends.  A few contact me on social media in facebook or instagram (@knitwerksandcrafts), where I'm most active.  And most of my customers weren't really my friends til they want me to make something for them.  All of them are Indians too, I never had a single filipino friend had me do something handmade for them.  Indians like lace and almost anything that is handmade from home decorations, doilies, baby clothing, garments, etc.

Selling handmade in Goa isn't difficult.  Sometimes some friends of my mother in law come to the house and they see me crocheting or knitting something.  Most, will immediately say can you make for me or for somebody else in the family like a daughter or daughter in law.  But garments are just not that fast to get done.  Since I came to Goa, I have been crocheting garments and the local people loved it.  It is difficult to tell them no that I can't take more orders if I got several on que. Then I have to tell them that I will let them know once I'm free.  But the most difficult thing that gives me pressure when doing handmade garments is that goans always like something new to wear for special occasions birthdays, anniversaries, fiest, christmas, new year, easter, etc.  Maybe I'm a slow crocheter or knitter?  I always tell that at least 1 month's time would be enough for me to make a top.

I will be trying to make small crochet and knit items that could be purchase right away like baby booties, baby clothing and accessories.  But for now, Goa is my happy place.  It gave me this opportunity to make handmade garments for people who not just appreciate by saying it is nice, but would actually wear them.

 kid's dress - 3 year old

lacy wave top

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2016 Projects

So, it has almost been 2 years now of staying in Goa, India.  This is how much I have done for 2016 and custom made orders keep on coming for me.  It is really a different world here when it comes to handmade items and tailored clothings.

December is a wedding season in Goa.  Most of, are outdoor weddings.  Maybe because it is winter and the cool and chilly nights are just a good time to celebrate. It is during this time of the year too that the fabric shops around Margao are so full of people, buying materials for new dresses they want to wear for weddings, christmas or any other occasion they are attending.  Around the mid or last week of November, we are already getting wedding invitations.  Every week a wedding is there until the 2nd week of January!

 A lot of dancing during a Goan wedding.  This wedding was of a goan bride and american groom.

 Looking in my ravelry account, i have done quite a lot of custom orders.  Most of it are garments.  3 tablecloths for a bride who is coming to live with her in laws.  I thought at first that this tablecloths are for decorating while the wedding is coming only recently i learned that these are just among the things that the bride takes with her in her "new home".  Two of my projects were personal ones, the stripes pink/maroon cardigan and the yellow doily, which I put on the center table of our living room.

Pattern: Holiday pineapples by Agnes Russell
Decorated this in our living room

I still have a long list of custom orders for 2017, where most are pending from previous year.  I hope to clear them by first quarter of this year. So that I can get started with a personal project, which is a crochet dress for myself, for my sis in laws upcoming weddings by the end of the year.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August custom made orders

Goans and Indians alike love handmade items.  No wonder, I got a list of custom made orders of garments.  I get quite a few for home decorations.  Like the sunflower tablecloth for an upcoming wedding this december that I've posted in my previous post.  That is already 80% done.  As any other crocheter/knitter would do, I have several projects going on so I won't get bored doing just one.

Special Occasion Pink Crochet top

Goans like to wear something new for an occasion, like if it's their birthday,  Easter, Christmas, etc. This pink mesh top is for my husband's cousin, who's been eyeing on all the handmade tops I have made as orders.  She's wearing this for her birthday this coming Sept.  The back part is 85% done, so I really hope to finish it this week.  I have to take a few measurements of her, like bust, length and arms circumference.  It should give me more accurate details of how much i should be doing.  I went to see her once to make those measurements.

Black Through the Woods hood

Another one on my needles now is this black through the woods hood. 

It's 90% done! Button plackets left to work with, sew, weave in ends, and block.  Black or any other dark color is so hard to work with.  I usually work on this during daylight so I wouldn't strain my eyes.  This hood is just one of two hoods that a high school friend of mine ordered.  I hope I still have time to finish the pink one before winter starts in the US, and shipping these!  

Slowly ticking off those that are done one by one, but after finishing one and somebody sees it I get several more orders!

Monday, August 08, 2016

Monsoon Season in India

Now it's August, come September and i can't wait for the rainy season to leave. It's a different kind of rainy season here, raining non-stop for 3 weeks! No, there is no storm here in Goa. I haven't experience one even after one year of staying here. This is just a normal rainy season here!

We are already on the 3rd quarter of this year and I just want to see how much I have done of my crochet and knit projects, all of which are custom orders. If I can just crochet or knit all day and my hand won't ache, then I would want to finished more, faster.

This tablecloth is for decorating an altar, so I think it must have been special for the owner.

I love how this worked up, it was very fast and the owner also like it. I added some more stitches around the neck area (not shown), so the front part wont look droopy, as in the photo. I think this would be nice to wear during winter time here in Goa, maybe when going out and have a lovely dinner by the beach.

These 2 baby shoes, were for a new born baby, our neighbor's niece/nephew.

This is a tablecloth, which is still a work in progress. The colors white and yellow were chosen by the owner/bride. The white thread, has a silver strand together with it and the center of the flower i chose to put maroon so it will contrast with yellow and white. This is for a wedding this coming december. I hope I can keep up with her orders, as there is still a lot coming, I guess, after I finish this first piece!

These two, a golden shrug and a white cardigan is for a child age 9. It is made to fit for around 10-13 years old, since the recipient is of bigger in built. I plan to sold these two, since the owner decided she didn't want this white mesh cardigan anymore. If you want these, i am also on instagram and DM can be sent there. My instagram account is @knitwerksandcrafts.

This was the latest one that I have done, a halter top worn on a birthday for this lady. This was really a very comfy blouse to wear. The owner loved it and the fit was perfect on her. I have adapted the halter back part from garnstudio.com pattern name is Aphrodite. The lower body part, I only took 2 charts out of the original pattern. I was too lazy to follow all of it. After I made this, I got 3 more custom orders for this! But, for now I am blocking my calendar to finished the tablecloths that are coming up before the wedding in December.

Meanwhile on sundays, I like to go to a local market here in Cuncolim.

It is where I can find all fresh produce, like this fresh dates.

And of course there is always good things to find for crafting like these floral cotton fabrics,
I was able to buy 2 kinds for Rp40 and Rp50 a meter. It is already very cheap, soft and the quality is also acceptable. I was telling myself today, that I would like to buy again in around 2 weeks time. Well then, I should be starting to use the fabrics by now.