About Me

Hi! My name is Fe.  I am a filipina from Cebu, Philippines,  now living in Goa, India with my husband.  I am a Naval Architect by profession.  I was working in a ship design office in Singapore for 6 years, but my hands always itch of holding a hook or needles and a yarn at the end of the day.  We decided to settle down in Goa, as it is a more advantageous set up for us that I would be staying here for good.  I guess, the handmade culture of Goa and India is what makes me appreciate more of the place.  I came in the mid of 2015 in Goa.  I would say Goans and Indians have a lot of appreciation for handmade things, be it crochet, knit, embroidery, cross-stitch,  as they would not hesitate to buy something handmade from me.

Currently, I am a stay at home wife.  There aren't a lot of options if I would have to work in my professional field.  I thought staying at home would give me more freedom, although not so much of money, but should I say that I have more time to do the things I love to do, which make me think it is now hard to leave Goa.
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