Monday, August 08, 2016

Monsoon Season in India

Now it's August, come September and i can't wait for the rainy season to leave. It's a different kind of rainy season here, raining non-stop for 3 weeks! No, there is no storm here in Goa. I haven't experience one even after one year of staying here. This is just a normal rainy season here!

We are already on the 3rd quarter of this year and I just want to see how much I have done of my crochet and knit projects, all of which are custom orders. If I can just crochet or knit all day and my hand won't ache, then I would want to finished more, faster.

This tablecloth is for decorating an altar, so I think it must have been special for the owner.

I love how this worked up, it was very fast and the owner also like it. I added some more stitches around the neck area (not shown), so the front part wont look droopy, as in the photo. I think this would be nice to wear during winter time here in Goa, maybe when going out and have a lovely dinner by the beach.

These 2 baby shoes, were for a new born baby, our neighbor's niece/nephew.

This is a tablecloth, which is still a work in progress. The colors white and yellow were chosen by the owner/bride. The white thread, has a silver strand together with it and the center of the flower i chose to put maroon so it will contrast with yellow and white. This is for a wedding this coming december. I hope I can keep up with her orders, as there is still a lot coming, I guess, after I finish this first piece!

These two, a golden shrug and a white cardigan is for a child age 9. It is made to fit for around 10-13 years old, since the recipient is of bigger in built. I plan to sold these two, since the owner decided she didn't want this white mesh cardigan anymore. If you want these, i am also on instagram and DM can be sent there. My instagram account is @knitwerksandcrafts.

This was the latest one that I have done, a halter top worn on a birthday for this lady. This was really a very comfy blouse to wear. The owner loved it and the fit was perfect on her. I have adapted the halter back part from pattern name is Aphrodite. The lower body part, I only took 2 charts out of the original pattern. I was too lazy to follow all of it. After I made this, I got 3 more custom orders for this! But, for now I am blocking my calendar to finished the tablecloths that are coming up before the wedding in December.

Meanwhile on sundays, I like to go to a local market here in Cuncolim.

It is where I can find all fresh produce, like this fresh dates.

And of course there is always good things to find for crafting like these floral cotton fabrics,
I was able to buy 2 kinds for Rp40 and Rp50 a meter. It is already very cheap, soft and the quality is also acceptable. I was telling myself today, that I would like to buy again in around 2 weeks time. Well then, I should be starting to use the fabrics by now.
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