Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August custom made orders

Goans and Indians alike love handmade items.  No wonder, I got a list of custom made orders of garments.  I get quite a few for home decorations.  Like the sunflower tablecloth for an upcoming wedding this december that I've posted in my previous post.  That is already 80% done.  As any other crocheter/knitter would do, I have several projects going on so I won't get bored doing just one.

Special Occasion Pink Crochet top

Goans like to wear something new for an occasion, like if it's their birthday,  Easter, Christmas, etc. This pink mesh top is for my husband's cousin, who's been eyeing on all the handmade tops I have made as orders.  She's wearing this for her birthday this coming Sept.  The back part is 85% done, so I really hope to finish it this week.  I have to take a few measurements of her, like bust, length and arms circumference.  It should give me more accurate details of how much i should be doing.  I went to see her once to make those measurements.

Black Through the Woods hood

Another one on my needles now is this black through the woods hood. 

It's 90% done! Button plackets left to work with, sew, weave in ends, and block.  Black or any other dark color is so hard to work with.  I usually work on this during daylight so I wouldn't strain my eyes.  This hood is just one of two hoods that a high school friend of mine ordered.  I hope I still have time to finish the pink one before winter starts in the US, and shipping these!  

Slowly ticking off those that are done one by one, but after finishing one and somebody sees it I get several more orders!

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