Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Yarn Substitution in Crochet and Knitting

I sell craft materials on my facebook page: . Mostly yarns, knitting needles, tatting needles, shuttles and threads, tatting books and a lot more.

Several times, I've been ask by some customers on how much yarn they will be need for a particular project. I remember one customer, and I gave her a calculation on how much yarn is needed for her project. She will need 5 balls of yarns, but she wants to buy 2! Even with all the help and explanation I did, she didn't purchase even one.

To give an example, I would like to make this project from redheart . It requires 5 skeins of red heart with love. I don't have red heart yarns in my location so I wanted to look for a substitute for this yarn. But first, I check how many meters does 1 red heart with love skein has. I refer to solid colors, which has 338meters, since the pattern calls for lilac.

Before looking for the substitute yarn, I also have to consider the gauge of red heart with love, which is 16 sts. and 22 rows for 4"x4". I want to make my blanket the same size as in the model, so I have to look for a yarn that is of the same weight. I found this Moda vera Biscay, which has the same gauge as redheart with love. If I would use thinner yarn than this, I will need to make more stitches than what is mentioned in the pattern.

Here's a summary:

First, I have to multiply the number of skeins of redheart to its yardage per skein, so I will get the total length of yarn use for the project. That is 1,690 meters. Next is to divide the total length by Moda Vera biscay's length per skein, that is 124 meters/skein. So I found out I need to purchase 14 skeins of Moda Vera Biscay.
It's not really that difficult to estimate your substitute yarn for a project. Another essential thing to learn as you crochet/knit. Happy Wednesday and Happy Crafting!
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