Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Travelling to Cameron Highlands

From time to time I would like to share some travel adventures I have, as currently I am not in the Philippines. Last December, I had a trip to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, with my husband. As a Philippine passport holder, you are only allowed to stay in Singapore for a maximum of 30 days. We stayed for 3 days in Cameron. We travelled for approximately 10 hours from Singapore to Cameron Highlands by bus.

And this is the view from our Hotel room in Copthorne Hotel. Cool climate at 18deg.cel. and the mountains are covered with fog.

Since I've been to these kind of places before, like Baguio in Philippines, and Mahabaleshwar in Kanataka, India, I can say l like this place among the three. I think there is much to do here. Well, maybe I haven't seen everything about Baguio? I know, i missed out on picking the strawberries.:-) We just rested for the whole afternoon as we were tired from travelling, and booked a tour for the following day. Had lunch at 4pm and went to stroll around the market area of which our hotel was located at.

A variety of flowers that grow just along the sidewalk when we were going out from the hotel to the market.

Things that you can see and buy in the market, cactuses,fresh flowers, and fresh vegetables and souvenirs that I didn't take a photo of.

chocolate covered strawberries.

First stop was this tea plantation, as the van went up to the highest point here in Cameron Highlands, all I can see are these tea bushes.

The BOH Tea factory. I forgot what this round part of a machine is called, but I remember watching the video in the factory that this is use for crushing the tea leaves. I cannot forget to bring something I knitted, and I had to wear it.:-)

This is how they plant their strawberries and below are some vegetables.

I like cactuses/succulents and i saw different types here that I haven't seen before, like both the ones on the right side. There is more that i didn't include in the photo. This place is called Cactus Point. If I could just bring at least 2 or 3 types of the smaller ones to Singapore, but the tour guide told us that immigration will not allow even if I declare. I would have made terrariums of these and give them as gifts. The lower right isn't so appealing to me and so it doesn't with my husband, he called it an ugly cactus.lol.

Lettuce plantation which are all hydroponically grown. On the same location, there is a small cafe, beside the cafe you can also get souvenir items or food items. I got this strawberry/chocolate hot drink. At the back of this is a strawberry plantation, where you can pick and buy your own strawberries.

Last we visited was this flower plantation. I took some with me, since C grade flowers are of low quality already and they wouldn't be selling these anymore. I wasn't able to bring it back to Singapore, it will die anyway during the trip.

I missed the lavender plantation. I really wanted to see how it grows, since I planted my own in Cebu, but I guess it all just died because of the humid weather. Anyway, I still enjoyed the trip and the climate there.

I hope it's not too late to to greet everyone a Happy New year!

May the year be fruitful for all of us as we set new goals to reach and achieve!
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