Friday, January 09, 2015

Inspired to make amigurami and felting projects

There are several crafts that I want to learn this year, needle felting is one. Tools aren't so expensive and from what I've learned from one of my crafting friends, shaping is the challenge in needle felting. I am inspired now to do this craft after seeing my housemate made a cat celphone charm, which she got from daiso as a kit. I think this is very easy, you just have to keep piercing the felting wool with the felting needle.:-) It would be easy for me to teach this craft too to my housemaid.

I want to share some crochet inspiration I found on instagram. Since I'm active there, aside from facebook. There is a lot of inspiration too in instagram, when it comes to crafting.

I admire this instagram user's amigurami projects. I think she sells these during craft shows in japan. Here are some of her works:
I never would like to make amigurami projects, because it is small and I think more intricate to do. But after seeing her work, I got inspired and inclined to make some projects which I can gift. Most of what she makes are celphone charms, earrings, necklaces. They're very cute and very clean work. If you are on instagram, you can follow her @alfaoscar Thanks for Reading!
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