Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Lacy Orange Shrug

So I finally finished this knitted lacy shrug. The pattern is a free pattern from deramores website. My aunt, who I think is fascinated with me and said, "You're still crocheting/crafting until now?" What would you say to that comment? I guess she's always notice me that I like to craft. This was the reason I decided to make this shrug for her. Maybe so she can see what I can do.:-) I remember I was bringing a knit blanket I needed done for a week as a birthday gift to a baby during our city's fiesta. I was there in her house to have lunch and knitting away the afternoon after getting full.:-) I thought to make this for her and hope that she will appreciate it. We'll i hope it's will fit her just fine. I didn't totally close the shoulders yet as with the instructions of the pattern just to see how it fits when I give this to her.
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