Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kitchen Towels and Crafting Goals for year 2015

So whenever I get bored with big projects, I resort to making quick and easy knit/crochet projects like this kitchen towels. I really wanted some handmade projects that I can accessorize in my house, and this is just one of those. The pink and multicolored ones I made long back and the blue one just very recent. I want to see these hanging in my kitchen to have that handmade feel in my house. Before I made this one too - a knit lace cover for a jar. Could you guess what's inside? Chocolates! Not so tempting anymore, lacy...makes you think what's inside, or sometimes I forget I have chocolates in this jar.
I hope to make more crochet/knit projects for the home next year. I also hope to teach my housemaid to do the craft, so I can multiply myself on what I want to achieve or make. It is not just teaching a craft, but more of sharing a life skill to her. It is really one of my goals to have somebody learn from me, to gauge myself of what will my output be - that is what kind of student I will produce.:-) Apart from making a "handmade home" and teaching the craft. I want to learn more on making garments. I just bought Amy Herzog's Knit to Flatter Class in Craftsy. Well, there is a lot to tackle but I'm making baby steps with it. I hope to have an output next year too from this class. Good luck to me!:-)
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