Thursday, December 04, 2014

DIY Christmas Tree and Garland

This is what I came up with and finished last week. Excuse me for the photo, as lovely, my dog just want to sleep beside the handmade christmas tree. I didn't finished it as fast as i expected. I only manage to put on printed fabric flowers as ornaments and the star on top, and added the steady christmas lights. I like the combination of the white fabric which I made as a base and covered it with green tulle to make it look more of a tree. What took me long to finish it was sewing the tulle by hand.
I made several of these, but still the tulle i bought wasn't enough to cover the whole tree. I wanted it glued overlapping each other as it gives more body and appeal to it. You can see I covered the bottom part with yellow ribbon, just to fill up the space as I was running out of tulle. I don't have a photo of the lights on. I think that would have been more nicer to see.
I made several of these fabric flowers to put on my tree and the garland. I have combined tulle and fabric and use my fabric covered metal buttons. The fabrics I have used I got from a fabric warehouse supplier just near my place. I should make a post about that mountain of fabrics!...literally:-) Since my sister left several pieces of styrofoam balls, I made use of them. I covered them with cords, and pearls, put a ribbon and a piece of string to hang then on my Christmas garland here:
I put the christmas balls and fabric flowers together with the garland. The fabrics in this garland I also got from the fabric warehouse supplier. I wanted to put more christmas balls, but I used up only what I have around the house. This one shows clearer colors of the fabrics that I use for my garland.
I used this floral printed fabric, mix with white and brown lace. I just tied a knot with each fabric on a piece of string/yarn, with the length the same as the width of my window. I really like the way this garland turned out. When I and my household helper got tired making the tree and's what we made fun of.
"I'm cute. isn't it."-lovely.
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