Wednesday, December 31, 2014


2014 - before reaching half of the year, I lost my job. Then more than half of it, i spend crafting. is that good or bad?:-) Well, of course I was still looking for a job, on and off, but I don't know, just didn't get any until the end of this year. While I don't have a day time job, might as well enjoy my "crafting days" for now, because when I will find one, am sure I won't own as much as my time now. Happy and endless time of crafting will be over for me. Working for almost 10 years in a day time job was so much pressure than I can handle, have you ever tried dreaming about your job? Really! I did! That was the time I thought I was totally stressed out. I had a technical job, and even at home I have to think if I didn't make any mistake.whew!

Crafting more this year, was indeed a BREAK for me from a technical,stressful world I have in the shipbuilding industry as a production design engineer. Maybe there are just too many standards that I have to follow building a ship, where as making a garment there are standards as well, but there is more flexibility in it...haha just a funny thought, or else maybe I'm just bored with ships now.:-)

I discovered from Amy Herzog's Knit to Flatter book, that making a knitted garment there really is a lot of mathematics involved. I hope to learn more from it, how to take body measurements to fit the garment to the person who is going to wear it.

As for my crafting in 2014, I knew I had been making more hats than any other project. Most of the baby/kids hat are made to orders. The adult hats I made were for the local garden show, hosted by Talisay Garden Club in my hometown in Cebu. I wanted to observe what kind of customers I will have during that local craft show, during our City's Annual Fiesta. From the name itself, they sell mostly plants, but my partner who is a doctor, who is actually the mother of my kindergarten/highschool friend was the one who encourage me to join and sell. She herself is a craft and yarn addict!

I made 2 shrugs, a baby blanket for a birthday gift, a scarf - which was a good practice for grafting, but not so successful with that. The owl purses which I made several ones for sale during the craft show, dish cloths for my house, a baby girls dress - 80% done. Through the woods hoody - needs buttons, a dress for my furry family member - Lovely also around 70% done. This yellow supposed to be cardigan, I feel guilty about this project because i've change the pattern twice already. for the third time using this yarn, I'm thinking this will be my practice piece to start doing a simple pattern of a cardigan using Amy Herzog's book as a guide.

For 2015, I want to make more adult garments. Using a simple pattern with this book as a guide might just be a good start.

Happy New Year! Cheers to more crafting, more yarn and more learning in the year ahead!


Bheng said...

nice projects.. you're productive in 2014.. congratulations...

and goodluck to your plans!

Mafe Canas said...

Thanks Bheng! same to you!.:-)

Mimi said...

Fe, glad to know you have more time and to see you turn out more lovely projects the past year. But I also hope you get the job that you want. Looks like you do well selling yarns and your handmades, so goodluck on that too :)

Mafe Canas said...

Thank you to you too, Mimi! Well I remember you as the first one who encourage me to sell craft supplies.