Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sewing Adventure Begins

Now I think it's time to refresh a bit of sewing. I've learned sewing back in school during elementary or highschool years. I really do need to start sewing again because I have stash a bit of fabric...but not half the yarn yet I have stash! This project is supposed to be a throw pillow case but because I put a batting in between, it seemed that the fabric became shorter. I have only put 1/4 inch allowance for seaming. I need to make 6 pieces of these for my sala set throw pillows. Next time, I think I should be putting aroun 1/2 inch seam. Besides learning how to sew I wanted to learn quilting too, so I decided to put some batting. It really looks better with the batting, makes the piece sturdy and gives it more body. Anyway, since this piece came out short, I will make this into a table mat. I just added a printed bias tape to close the edge. I really didn't buy my own electronic sewing machine yet, since I won't be around too long in Cebu or I might be moving around a lot. Instead, I borrowed an electronic sewing machine from a very good friend. She brought this sewing machine in japan since she was working there for 3 years. This machine is different from what I have seen most on the new ones now. It does not have a pedal, but instead a small button to run the machine. I did have a bit of time to figure out what the instructions say, but the manual had a lot of detailed illustrations. When I started using it I thought my hand sewing has more even stitches than the machine, which needs a getting-used to controlling it. I didn't even notice time just went by yesterday and I was sewing this piece from 10am-5pm!
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