Thursday, November 06, 2014

Addicted with a new Craft - Terrariums

Around two months ago, I was planning on having a small vegetable garden. My lawn is a small one as I live in a subdivision, but i thought i should make use of the space I have, no matter how small it is. I still have yet to take pics of the plants that I have grown from seeds. A small steel plant stand is also what I have planned to get customize, so the plants would give a bit of shade to the front window of the house. So far there is no feedback on the quote yet from a friend who I ask to customize plant stands for me. I have planted veggies - tomatoes,raddish,broccolis, but not all have survive. I guess because there is too much sun on the front side of the house. From where I'm living, the weather is not cool enough for the brocollis, which most of it died. Some are still surviving. They all need full sun but should have some shade. To solve that problem of not getting enough shade, I'm now looking for a climbing plant or with vines that would create shade for the veggies and herbs that I have planted too. I have mint and oregano for now.:-) These was just another craft I was doing for the couple of months aside from knitting and crochet that I have been doing too. Another addiction that I have been itching to try on is making some terrariums. So far I have made 4 terrariums. First I made one for my house which i have put on the shelf first.
And just the other day when I was in my mom's house I saw an unused aquarium. I told her that this can be use as a terrarium as it looked really useless to me. She just put plastic plants and pebbles inside it and placed it in a corner 3-tier table. So yesterday I came up with these:
I made to more yesterday, which i place on the shelf in my house. the first one I made i transferred on top of the fridge.
I wanted to try using this vase too, which has a bit of flair. Making this becomes more intricate compare to those round types with bigger openings.
This shell shape vase I find easy to work with. Just cute,easy and fast.:-) As for my yarn crafting. I've finished a little girl's dress, which I will be gifting to my niece. I will post and talk about it when I post the photo.
This one's a work in progress shrug, I am gifting for my aunt. This side is almost done, i think just 4 more rows left. I need to make 2 of these rectangular parts. I've use Louisa Harding's Ondine yarns. The free pattern is from deramores sirdar lacy shrug pattern Lastly, these were some of my yarn purchases last year. I have let my aunt brought these with her when she went home from Florida, U.S.
Another shade of Louisa Harding yarns, berroco pure pima, and fibranatura exquisite bamboo! Now, what to make out of these? I plan to make the green berroco pure pima into a knitted leaf shawl. The other 2 shades I still have to find out what to make out of them.
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