Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Crafty day...

i'm still making the cd giveaways. it's good to gain extra money just by making this cds. i remember those days when i make lots by order and sell them, whether it's a birthday or wedding invitation or giveaways. then i just put samples of what i made at my mom's bakeshop...which was a good idea because it makes my mom's shop a one-stop-shop for all those party needs customers want.

i'll be selling these cd giveaways P50 each, then i have 60 pieces to make. It's a blessing i have money now for plane ticket...:) and a little extra to buy small gifts for friends at Olongapo City.

I'll be posting a photo of the cd i'm doing now...later when it's all done.

Then last night, as i went to my stash of yarns i saw these unfinished sleeveless shell blouse i made last year. i sewed the seams...and was a bit afraid it wouldn't fit me even if i have match its size to my blouse. i was so happy when i finished sewing, it fitted me very well too! it somehow took away my doubts that i won't be able to make one and it encourage me to do more crochet. i just need to weave the ends now, but i will post a photo of it tomorrow before i do that.
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