Tuesday, December 05, 2006

winter projects

i've made red leg warmers for myself, in red alpakka yarn which i got from one of the swaps before at crochetville. i still have yet to show a photo of it here and i have to make another white scarf for a friend, also a co-trainee here in korea in white alpacca scarf and instead of selling it to him i told him he's going to barter packs of chocolates for me and my other girl roommates and maybe a couple of socks for us too for the winter season here....:)

training is getting intensive as we're being evaluated by our bosses here on how well we do with the lecture and software were using and what we have learned so far.

at the side of my blog now are some photos that i took 2 weekends ago when i went out together with my friends at the small city of Masan, South Korea. We passed along a park and we're quite amazed by those red colored leaves of the tree which we can't find in the Philippines.
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