Sunday, March 12, 2006

Presents for Rai

This is a shell wrist pouch I've done for my friend Rai.  She wanted it in yellow, which is her favorite color.  I did this in size 10 thread, crocheted in two strands.  I gave this to her during her birthday last 9 March.  It was quite long ago when she ask this from me, but i was never able to finish it no matter how small because of a lot of other WIPs.  But it was still so timely that i was able to make it to her birthday.  Also, here is a blue scrunchie i made in acrylic thread that goes with the wrist pouch.  Oh, I've been doing a lot of scrunchies lately to give and sell again.  Together with the crocheted items are little notecards that me and my friends put each of our dedication for Rai.  Then I put all the little cards and the scrunchie in the wrist pouch.  I think i made a quick gift for her. 
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Presents from Yumi
Image hosting by Photobucket> I saw Yumi wearing this sheep beltbag at one of our meetings, that she got from her sister living in UK.  I can't help but notice how cute it is. She did gave it to me right away when we got home from the meeting. 

Image hosting by Photobucket> this came together with the sheep beltbag also from Yumi, a necklace that her sister also gave to her.  I love it both and used it right away!


Mimi said...

Oh, what lovely presents Fe! You have such a sweet friend! And I'm sure the lovely purse and scrunchie you made will be loved by your friend!

Fe said...

Thanks for cheering on me, Mi!

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