Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Singles Revolution

From Vigan we then took a bus which took us to Baguio.  Around 5 am when we reached Baguio, just outside the Burnham Park two of my friends were faking their cries because of the very cold climate, which we are not use to.  Later when the sun was out we all went to the place were we will be staying for the next 3 days, which was already contacted by one of my friends.  We had a nap then later in the afternoon we toured around the city of Baguio.  Then later during the night of feb. 10 the conference was opened.  It so nice to stay in Baguio because we didn't sweat at all! that's one thing i like.  One of my guy friends said he's going to get crazy with the cold water every morning he takes a bath!!! 

Image hosting by Photobucket> yumi took this photo on the last day of the conference with me is Sheri, an american delegate and my mom beside her and others from the Mindanao region.

Image hosting by Photobucket> i love strolling around this Park with a lot locals /natives selling souveinir items and local delicacies in Baguio and the strawberry vendors walking around the park, and of course the park itself which is full of flowers and the man made lagoon.  I didn't mind rowing a boat the lagoon. 

Image hosting by Photobucket> together with me here are Janvier, Jeremy who are delegates from Australia and Yumi.

Image hosting by Photobucket> this was during saturday afternoon.  We posted on the different villages namely Faithful Village, Braveheart Village and Chosen Village.  We also had a lot of worshops to choose from during saturday.  Yumi and me together with my mom chose to attend and listen to the Spiritual Deepening Workshop.  It was very refreshing and reminded us that truly God's generousity cannot be outdone!  We just have to give what is due to him and endure during our hardships because at this time God wants to accomplish something in us!  While the guys took the Gawad Kalinga Workshop ( a ministry helping and working with the poor).

Image hosting by Photobucket> It's just mostly Yumi and me or my mom and me in the photos because we can't find the rest of the guys throughout the day. 

Image hosting by Photobucket> later also on sunday afternoon with foreign delegates - Baptist and Eleanor.

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