Monday, February 06, 2006

reunion photos

just want to show some photos of the 50th wedding anniversary of grandparents. i did lost my reunion photos as it was accidentally deleted by my friend. this wedding was one week after our family reunion so everyone was still here in cebu to celebrate.

this one is with my sister and Tor, another cousin who is norweigian filipino and lives in norway. He often comes here with her mom once every two years, but he speaks a little english only.most of the time he speaks norweigian with her mom.
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another photo of aunts and cousins.

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here is another one of all my cousins and our aunt Myriam who's standing beside me, at my left. I think she deserves to come home after 20 years of living in America and this is her first time to come home in Cebu.Image hosting by Photobucket

this are my cousins, (from left) Dale, Eastroy, Jasil, and Latifa who is a mix of native american, black and filipino blood. She lives in Texas and just came here for in Cebu for 5 days.
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Mimi said...

That's wonderful, Fe, I can see you enjoyed your reunion very much! I'm so glad to see your wonderful smiling face =)
Its so good that your relatives from abroad were able to come.

Fe said...

Abosolutely! It was a once in a life-time experience for all of us, most especially for those who came home abroad. And there those relatives that i've met for the first time. it was a very successful and fun event for all of us also because each family had a presentation. mostly were dances. my sister and me were the only ones who sung among our cousins. it is a whole week reunion including a trip to bohol!

Lynette said...

Hi Fe! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day (OK, it was a while ago and I'm just catching up on comments....)

You have got a fantastic family! Talk about extended. I've never heard of a Norwegian Filipino combo but he looks so cute!

Your knitted and crocheted bags are very pretty. How long have you been doing both?