Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Chic on a halfshell

thanks to Drew for this pattern. I made one right away...for myself. i'll be bringing this with me to the grand family reunion tonight. i use a red heart yarn super saver. can't remember the color. i got this yarn from one of my yarnswaps at crochetville. the closure is a flap. i crocheted two rounds of the pattern then a few rows of sc's about 1/4 of the side of the 2nd row. then i got a bead to insert it on the center of the 2 rounds. couldn't find any other color around but just pink. the handle is also a bit longer than in the pattern, and i also sewed an organza ribbon in green at the back of it.
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one of my WIPS that has been sitting for a long time here. i finally gave it to my friend Cathy, whose been waiting for it for a long time. i made up my own pattern here, then put a plastic canvas at the bottom and lined it with a blue fabric inside.
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