Monday, December 19, 2005

Gift Wrapping

I did a lot of it yesterday afternoon for my little nephews and nieces and cousins: Image hosted by i made the wrappers into different sizes of bags. these chocolates were prepared for my sister to give away for her friends.

Image hosted by then i've placed them under the fern tree which my mother has transform into a christmas tree because i never found the real christmas tree hidden in the boxes at our storage room.:) i haven't close the bags yet because i want to add a little bit more in each of them.

Good my mom found these nativity figurines and set them up on top of our divider:Image hosted by

this cap:Image hosted by is for Sam, my officemate, which was one of her request a long time ago. i did this last saturday while going around the mall with Sam. i used the pattern from mimi's craft,
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