Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Scrunchies!

Here are 4 more scrunchies that i've made last weekend:

Image hosted by the blue with flower sequins is made with acrylic thread. counter clockwise, i just combined the acryclic blue thread with glittery white thread on the top row of it. next one, i just use one color of yarn, which is yellow. and next i use pink luster sheen then combined with it again the glittery white thread at the top row.

i'm still making more this weekend...maybe if i won't be too busy.


Mimi said...

Those are pretty!!! I dont tie my hair but I love making scrunchies too :-)

Fe said...

i tie my hair most of the time because it is curly, but i don't use these scrunchies that i had made myself. just as you say Mi, i just like making them to give away to friends or sell.

i'm making another one now in lavender.