Friday, September 09, 2005

pink butterfly bookmark

this bookmark has been sitting in my drawer for months...left it there with the ends unweave and without a tassel yet.

then this afternoon i decide i should weave in the ends and put a tassel on it: here it is now,

Image hosted by

and here's a closer look at it:
Image hosted by


Mimi said...

That looks so dainty! What thread and size hook did you use?

Fe said...

sorry mi, but i can't remember what size hook i used with this project, but most probably it was size 7 or 8 steel hook. i used knit-cro-sheen thread with this project which i got from one of my swaps at crochetville.
thanks! i'm thinking of making a lot of bookmarks to used in my songbooks during household prayer meetings with my single sisters in the community.

Mimi said...

That's nice! And there are still lots of other cute free bookmark patterns that I see mostly from crochetville members. Would love to try those patterns too, I think with the DMC pearl cotton that I also have in my stash...