Sunday, January 09, 2005


Mostly I have done bags during my first year of crocheting. Since then, I already got addicted with the craft. And like all of you out there (crocheters & knitters), I just couldn't get enough yarn and thread. I always think of what would be my next project, even if i still have several projects to :)



Jay-r said...

hello sis! =)

wow sis... naa pud diay kay blog. =)

nice kaayo ang imu bag nga gi-crochet sis... gwapo pud ang pic. :) digicam imu gamit? asa nimu gina-upload imu pics? :)

god bless!

Fe said...

Hi Brod. JR naa koy online album. then ako gilink ang tag file diri sa pagpost nako.