Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2016 Projects

So, it has almost been 2 years now of staying in Goa, India.  This is how much I have done for 2016 and custom made orders keep on coming for me.  It is really a different world here when it comes to handmade items and tailored clothings.

December is a wedding season in Goa.  Most of, are outdoor weddings.  Maybe because it is winter and the cool and chilly nights are just a good time to celebrate. It is during this time of the year too that the fabric shops around Margao are so full of people, buying materials for new dresses they want to wear for weddings, christmas or any other occasion they are attending.  Around the mid or last week of November, we are already getting wedding invitations.  Every week a wedding is there until the 2nd week of January!

 A lot of dancing during a Goan wedding.  This wedding was of a goan bride and american groom.

 Looking in my ravelry account, i have done quite a lot of custom orders.  Most of it are garments.  3 tablecloths for a bride who is coming to live with her in laws.  I thought at first that this tablecloths are for decorating while the wedding is coming only recently i learned that these are just among the things that the bride takes with her in her "new home".  Two of my projects were personal ones, the stripes pink/maroon cardigan and the yellow doily, which I put on the center table of our living room.

Pattern: Holiday pineapples by Agnes Russell
Decorated this in our living room

I still have a long list of custom orders for 2017, where most are pending from previous year.  I hope to clear them by first quarter of this year. So that I can get started with a personal project, which is a crochet dress for myself, for my sis in laws upcoming weddings by the end of the year.