Friday, September 25, 2015

Rainy Days in Goa + Celebrating Ganesh

 photo 20150916_124144-01.jpeg

It has been raining for a week. Usually the rain comes in the night time or early morning until mid morning. For how many days me and my mother in law are just stuck in the house. Tutorial lessons for kids living nearby is my mother in law's only time that is seriously taken even during this rainy days.

 photo 20150915_132341.jpg

I have been working on this crochet poncho for a made to order, while seating by the window in the leaving room. Six more motifs to go plus the border. The owner of this poncho specifically told me to not make this poncho motif again for anybody else. That's just my kind of project to do anyway! I don't want to repeat the same thing twice...unless maybe the owner of the first project I made is fine with it if someone wants exactly the same one.

This project is the first time that I have to figure out by just looking the photos on how it is being connected. I just used double crochet through out, since I can't figure out the stitch used on the pattern, which is written in a foreign language to me. Well, it looks like double crochet to me only. Good enough I have previously done a crochet motif project before.

I really just went to start with this poncho since the person who ordered this is familiar with pinterest, and she was particularly looking there and found this sunny-tangerines poncho

I also have been making filipino sweet desserts, unfortunately I haven't taken pics of it. Maybe this coming weeks ahead, when I will be getting orders by one of my sis in laws friends around the gym. My sister in law let me made black sambo and buko pandan to bring to the gym she goes to, and it was for the gym owner's birthday. Later on, several gym goers want to make an order now. I would probably be baking as well in the next months to come.

 photo 20150917_161223-01.jpeg

Chicken macaroni salad, is what I have made only which I took a photo off. It is meant to be eaten cold, but somehow didn't sold out to my sis and mother in law. It look peculiar to them to eat pasta which is cold. Instead, I told my sister in law just heat for them if they want to eat. I made this on thursday, when Ganesh Holiday started. Thursday and friday was a holiday then.

We visited Hindu friends to wish them Happy Ganesh. This is from a friend of my husband's. We drove for an hour to reach the friend's place.

 photo 20150918_172041-01.jpeg

I don't really know the exact names of these dishes. From top (clockwise) rice flakes and potatoes mixed with some spices. I did like the potato, but not the rice flakes. A deep fried dish with coconut inside, which is somewhat like the bukayo a filipino recipe.

Vegetable gravy for the puri( the small white bread) below. I found it too oily to eat, so one was enough for me.

 photo P_20150917_171539_1.jpg

I liked this one better, from the next door neighbor. It is also deep fried, but the coconut inside taste better, so I had two.:-)

 photo P_20150917_172405_LL-01.jpg

And I took photo with Ganesha , one of the most worshipped hindu deity. I don't really know much of Hindu deities, but you can check on the link of who is Ganesha.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sewing and Crocheting

I have been doing a lot of sewing using my new sewing machine. Most of what I have been sewing were pillowcases. It took me just about twice to use the machine to get myself comfortable with it.  photo IMG_20150901_172114.jpg

I really love the floral fabrics I was working on, especially this lavender one. It's a very soft type of cotton. Pillowcases, was a great way to practice using the machine and doing something simple at the same time usable.

While I was in one of my filipina friend's house last sunday to celebrate the fiest in her area, she showed me her sewing machine, which was a manual one. But sad to say it was just dump on one of the corners of the room and she never used it she said. I told her I was sewing these pillowcases and so she then told me that she has a lot of fabrics just stock up to be sewn, at the same time she asked me how much I would charge her if I sew throw pillow covers for her. I see a lot of orders coming now!

These are the rest of the pillowcases I've sewn last week, pillowcases photo 20150905_172827-01.jpeg

but I want to put crcohet edgings on these. Then I was bringing this current made to order poncho project

 photo 20150915_132341.jpg

and instantly I got another upcoming order from another filipina who I just met that day. Well, I hope to get more made to order projects while I am in Goa, India. I'm starting to love the market of promoting handmade items here.:-)