Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Sewing Machine

So, I have been asking my husband to get me a sewing machine. But before I got that, have been looking around online on where to get sewing machines around here in Goa, India or online. Well, is there, which I know is most reliable. I thought I still have yet to try buying online here for small or not so valuable items. So I just search for a physical shop around Margao the nearest City to my husband's place, I hope I would be able to find. Just imagine the market here is like a big shopping center just without the aircon. My husband went on leave to buy the sewing machine for me, without really knowing if I will get it or not, I said we just go and ask if they have available.

 photo 20150822_105254-01.jpeg

And I finally chose this one, the USHA Janome Allure model, which actually wasn't the first one I chose. We returned my first choice (Dream Stitch) to the shop and took this one instead. I was quite hesitant to take this model because it was around Rp10,000, but the shops around are very nice as they always give discounts. At the same time I was thinking that I would be using the machine all for myself, because Dream Stitch doesn't have the embroidery function. Since my mother in law does a lot of embroidery, I chose this one so we both can use it. Then if she won't, I know she will tell me to stitch some gifts from time to time.

 photo 20150820_113240-01.jpeg

It is normal here if you buy an appliance, the salesman will come to do a demo. So, here is the salesman who came the next day to give us a demo of the sewing machine. That's my SIL and MIL in the background. The salesman sounds like he's giving me an exam on how to use the sewing machine, which levers to move to release the foot, etc. He let me and my MIL test operate the machine.

 photo 20150821_170153-01.jpeg

 photo 20150820_203037-01.jpeg

What's the machine like without getting any fabrics? I think fabric stash is starting to grow here.:-) And obviously I like floral fabrics. All are cotton fabrics I got! I, my SIL and MIL went to the market yesterday to get more materials like interfacing, and pattern paper. I also shop for some clothing. I might be getting some more fabrics one of these days. Some few sewing requests are coming now from my MIL and SIL. They're very supportive at what I love to do, and even thought of sending me to a tailoring class, which I don't really want. I am more of being self-taught. I better use the money to buy materials! Next time, I hope to post something I have sewn!