Sunday, June 07, 2015

Online Store - Knitwerks and Crafts Boutique

First I would like to thank those who have come across my blog, those who viewed it and to my two followers - Handmade by Bheng and mycrochetstuff.

I don't really blog much, but I really appreciate those who read, look at the photos or just even scroll through it...

This time, I'd like to remind myself and look back at how my small craft store came into existence. As I can remember, I started it around year 2011. I never thought that it will grow this much. It was Mimi Alelis of mycrochetstuff who first encourage me and thought that I should sell craft materials to filipino crafters because we really don't get a lot of options around here during the time I started. I've known her since we met in crochetville forum, she was the only filipina I knew from that forum, so I guess it was just us there who were from Philippines. I really really hope to meet her this month or next month.

Another lady also push me to introduce different craft materials is Josele May Ong of Box of Pandora. I learned a lot of crafts from her and start to introduce other crafts/craft materials in my page aside from yarns for crocheting/knitting. I've met her twice. The first time I met her was together with Bheng of Handmade by Bheng.

Since then, I have grown my customers even with just this facebook page: Knitwerks and Crafts Boutique.

I may have my shortcomings when dealing with different people, but I try my best to treat them with the same kindness and patience. Although hard for some, mostly to those who are new to the craft of crocheting/knitting. They have a lot of questions, few are demanding at times, which draws the line and let me think that I'm not a tutor, but as a seller, I have to know what I'm selling too.:-)

So next, comes to mind is to teach crochet/knit...

Thanks to you fellow crafters for making this page grow and for letting others discover an old craft they can learn!