Monday, May 18, 2015

Kid's Cardigan

I really haven't done much during the past few months. Since my sister and I started coooking/baking. I manage to finished this knit child's cardi for 7 year old god daughter.

I have a few work in progress stuffs waiting to be done. 2 made to order blouses for a relative and a friend, one is in progress and other one still on queue.

I got a call from Manila, I think a month back. The woman was asking me if I accept wholesale crochet made to order items. But I really have to decline. Besides the timeline and the pressure I might get from that kind of work to be done. I'm more concerned with the price they are willing to pay for the items. From the term wholesale it means that you have to sell the item/s on the cheapest price that this people want to get. I think it's an individual's opinion, but for me handmade can never be sold wholesale.:-)