Saturday, October 03, 2015

Winter is a month

Some days are warm, when there is no rain. During my last post, it was raining like the whole week. Now, it's been sunny the whole week! A bit of rain came this afternoon, not heavy enough to cool down.

It's October and in a month's time it will be winter! I should be making something for me for the coming chilly season.

 photo IMG_1365_1.jpg

 photo IMG_1366.jpg

This made to order poncho is finally done. Next week I will deliver this one to the owner. I hope it will fit her nicely and she will be satisfied with this handmade product. I will finished weaving the ends of this by today. I will take a photo of the owner too wearing her poncho.

So I cannot wait, and immediately started another project for a baby boy (my husband's cousin's son) who's turning 1 in november.

 photo 20150903_150914-01_1.jpeg

Using this yarn, which was my first purchase when I came here to India. Yarn brand is NAKO SAten, which is 100% microfibre acrylic.

 photo 20150903_150657-01_1.jpeg

Another one of my purchases with the NAKO Saten yarn, which I plan to make into a blouse/cover up for myself.

As the seasons change, so does the supply of fruits and vegetables here. Cooking and baking is a bit more of a challenge here, because of vegetables that I have to wait to be in season, hard to find cake ingredients, like the evaporated milk.  photo 20150924_150521-01.jpeg

Like this fresh green peas, it got more expensive during this rainy season. They are abundant during the summer time here. But I really like these fresh ones better, which are soft compared to the canned ones, I used to buy when I was in Philippines or Singapore. I just took a photo of the peas, since it was the first time i saw them fresh in the pods.  photo 20150924_150507-01.jpeg

 photo 20150924_150702-01.jpeg

Friday, September 25, 2015

Rainy Days in Goa + Celebrating Ganesh

 photo 20150916_124144-01.jpeg

It has been raining for a week. Usually the rain comes in the night time or early morning until mid morning. For how many days me and my mother in law are just stuck in the house. Tutorial lessons for kids living nearby is my mother in law's only time that is seriously taken even during this rainy days.

 photo 20150915_132341.jpg

I have been working on this crochet poncho for a made to order, while seating by the window in the leaving room. Six more motifs to go plus the border. The owner of this poncho specifically told me to not make this poncho motif again for anybody else. That's just my kind of project to do anyway! I don't want to repeat the same thing twice...unless maybe the owner of the first project I made is fine with it if someone wants exactly the same one.

This project is the first time that I have to figure out by just looking the photos on how it is being connected. I just used double crochet through out, since I can't figure out the stitch used on the pattern, which is written in a foreign language to me. Well, it looks like double crochet to me only. Good enough I have previously done a crochet motif project before.

I really just went to start with this poncho since the person who ordered this is familiar with pinterest, and she was particularly looking there and found this sunny-tangerines poncho

I also have been making filipino sweet desserts, unfortunately I haven't taken pics of it. Maybe this coming weeks ahead, when I will be getting orders by one of my sis in laws friends around the gym. My sister in law let me made black sambo and buko pandan to bring to the gym she goes to, and it was for the gym owner's birthday. Later on, several gym goers want to make an order now. I would probably be baking as well in the next months to come.

 photo 20150917_161223-01.jpeg

Chicken macaroni salad, is what I have made only which I took a photo off. It is meant to be eaten cold, but somehow didn't sold out to my sis and mother in law. It look peculiar to them to eat pasta which is cold. Instead, I told my sister in law just heat for them if they want to eat. I made this on thursday, when Ganesh Holiday started. Thursday and friday was a holiday then.

We visited Hindu friends to wish them Happy Ganesh. This is from a friend of my husband's. We drove for an hour to reach the friend's place.

 photo 20150918_172041-01.jpeg

I don't really know the exact names of these dishes. From top (clockwise) rice flakes and potatoes mixed with some spices. I did like the potato, but not the rice flakes. A deep fried dish with coconut inside, which is somewhat like the bukayo a filipino recipe.

Vegetable gravy for the puri( the small white bread) below. I found it too oily to eat, so one was enough for me.

 photo P_20150917_171539_1.jpg

I liked this one better, from the next door neighbor. It is also deep fried, but the coconut inside taste better, so I had two.:-)

 photo P_20150917_172405_LL-01.jpg

And I took photo with Ganesha , one of the most worshipped hindu deity. I don't really know much of Hindu deities, but you can check on the link of who is Ganesha.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sewing and Crocheting

I have been doing a lot of sewing using my new sewing machine. Most of what I have been sewing were pillowcases. It took me just about twice to use the machine to get myself comfortable with it.  photo IMG_20150901_172114.jpg

I really love the floral fabrics I was working on, especially this lavender one. It's a very soft type of cotton. Pillowcases, was a great way to practice using the machine and doing something simple at the same time usable.

While I was in one of my filipina friend's house last sunday to celebrate the fiest in her area, she showed me her sewing machine, which was a manual one. But sad to say it was just dump on one of the corners of the room and she never used it she said. I told her I was sewing these pillowcases and so she then told me that she has a lot of fabrics just stock up to be sewn, at the same time she asked me how much I would charge her if I sew throw pillow covers for her. I see a lot of orders coming now!

These are the rest of the pillowcases I've sewn last week, pillowcases photo 20150905_172827-01.jpeg

but I want to put crcohet edgings on these. Then I was bringing this current made to order poncho project

 photo 20150915_132341.jpg

and instantly I got another upcoming order from another filipina who I just met that day. Well, I hope to get more made to order projects while I am in Goa, India. I'm starting to love the market of promoting handmade items here.:-)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Sewing Machine

So, I have been asking my husband to get me a sewing machine. But before I got that, have been looking around online on where to get sewing machines around here in Goa, India or online. Well, is there, which I know is most reliable. I thought I still have yet to try buying online here for small or not so valuable items. So I just search for a physical shop around Margao the nearest City to my husband's place, I hope I would be able to find. Just imagine the market here is like a big shopping center just without the aircon. My husband went on leave to buy the sewing machine for me, without really knowing if I will get it or not, I said we just go and ask if they have available.

 photo 20150822_105254-01.jpeg

And I finally chose this one, the USHA Janome Allure model, which actually wasn't the first one I chose. We returned my first choice (Dream Stitch) to the shop and took this one instead. I was quite hesitant to take this model because it was around Rp10,000, but the shops around are very nice as they always give discounts. At the same time I was thinking that I would be using the machine all for myself, because Dream Stitch doesn't have the embroidery function. Since my mother in law does a lot of embroidery, I chose this one so we both can use it. Then if she won't, I know she will tell me to stitch some gifts from time to time.

 photo 20150820_113240-01.jpeg

It is normal here if you buy an appliance, the salesman will come to do a demo. So, here is the salesman who came the next day to give us a demo of the sewing machine. That's my SIL and MIL in the background. The salesman sounds like he's giving me an exam on how to use the sewing machine, which levers to move to release the foot, etc. He let me and my MIL test operate the machine.

 photo 20150821_170153-01.jpeg

 photo 20150820_203037-01.jpeg

What's the machine like without getting any fabrics? I think fabric stash is starting to grow here.:-) And obviously I like floral fabrics. All are cotton fabrics I got! I, my SIL and MIL went to the market yesterday to get more materials like interfacing, and pattern paper. I also shop for some clothing. I might be getting some more fabrics one of these days. Some few sewing requests are coming now from my MIL and SIL. They're very supportive at what I love to do, and even thought of sending me to a tailoring class, which I don't really want. I am more of being self-taught. I better use the money to buy materials! Next time, I hope to post something I have sewn!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Online Store - Knitwerks and Crafts Boutique

First I would like to thank those who have come across my blog, those who viewed it and to my two followers - Handmade by Bheng and mycrochetstuff.

I don't really blog much, but I really appreciate those who read, look at the photos or just even scroll through it...

This time, I'd like to remind myself and look back at how my small craft store came into existence. As I can remember, I started it around year 2011. I never thought that it will grow this much. It was Mimi Alelis of mycrochetstuff who first encourage me and thought that I should sell craft materials to filipino crafters because we really don't get a lot of options around here during the time I started. I've known her since we met in crochetville forum, she was the only filipina I knew from that forum, so I guess it was just us there who were from Philippines. I really really hope to meet her this month or next month.

Another lady also push me to introduce different craft materials is Josele May Ong of Box of Pandora. I learned a lot of crafts from her and start to introduce other crafts/craft materials in my page aside from yarns for crocheting/knitting. I've met her twice. The first time I met her was together with Bheng of Handmade by Bheng.

Since then, I have grown my customers even with just this facebook page: Knitwerks and Crafts Boutique.

I may have my shortcomings when dealing with different people, but I try my best to treat them with the same kindness and patience. Although hard for some, mostly to those who are new to the craft of crocheting/knitting. They have a lot of questions, few are demanding at times, which draws the line and let me think that I'm not a tutor, but as a seller, I have to know what I'm selling too.:-)

So next, comes to mind is to teach crochet/knit...

Thanks to you fellow crafters for making this page grow and for letting others discover an old craft they can learn!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Kid's Cardigan

I really haven't done much during the past few months. Since my sister and I started coooking/baking. I manage to finished this knit child's cardi for 7 year old god daughter.

I have a few work in progress stuffs waiting to be done. 2 made to order blouses for a relative and a friend, one is in progress and other one still on queue.

I got a call from Manila, I think a month back. The woman was asking me if I accept wholesale crochet made to order items. But I really have to decline. Besides the timeline and the pressure I might get from that kind of work to be done. I'm more concerned with the price they are willing to pay for the items. From the term wholesale it means that you have to sell the item/s on the cheapest price that this people want to get. I think it's an individual's opinion, but for me handmade can never be sold wholesale.:-)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

first for 2015

Unfortunately as of now, I still haven't got a job. Maybe in around 3 weeks I'll be back to Cebu. I will be having a short stay in Manila for some legal document to be done.

On the brighter side, I have all my time to craft. I have been cross-stitching for the past 3 days, seriously... this project has been sleeping for years.

I guess that was the time I was taking knitting seriously too and learning more. Then I totally forgot about this. Maybe now, after more than 2 years of constantly knitting, I must have improved a lot with gauge and making my stitches really even.
I remember when I rekindle with knitting 2 years back. I also started with baby clothes, with results, that didn't really satisfy me on my own standards. This is my first knit project done for 2015, which I want to gift to my officemate's wife who is giving birth to a baby boy. I still have to make a hat, shoes or socks maybe to go with this.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Yarn Substitution in Crochet and Knitting

I sell craft materials on my facebook page: . Mostly yarns, knitting needles, tatting needles, shuttles and threads, tatting books and a lot more.

Several times, I've been ask by some customers on how much yarn they will be need for a particular project. I remember one customer, and I gave her a calculation on how much yarn is needed for her project. She will need 5 balls of yarns, but she wants to buy 2! Even with all the help and explanation I did, she didn't purchase even one.

To give an example, I would like to make this project from redheart . It requires 5 skeins of red heart with love. I don't have red heart yarns in my location so I wanted to look for a substitute for this yarn. But first, I check how many meters does 1 red heart with love skein has. I refer to solid colors, which has 338meters, since the pattern calls for lilac.

Before looking for the substitute yarn, I also have to consider the gauge of red heart with love, which is 16 sts. and 22 rows for 4"x4". I want to make my blanket the same size as in the model, so I have to look for a yarn that is of the same weight. I found this Moda vera Biscay, which has the same gauge as redheart with love. If I would use thinner yarn than this, I will need to make more stitches than what is mentioned in the pattern.

Here's a summary:

First, I have to multiply the number of skeins of redheart to its yardage per skein, so I will get the total length of yarn use for the project. That is 1,690 meters. Next is to divide the total length by Moda Vera biscay's length per skein, that is 124 meters/skein. So I found out I need to purchase 14 skeins of Moda Vera Biscay.
It's not really that difficult to estimate your substitute yarn for a project. Another essential thing to learn as you crochet/knit. Happy Wednesday and Happy Crafting!

Friday, January 09, 2015

Inspired to make amigurami and felting projects

There are several crafts that I want to learn this year, needle felting is one. Tools aren't so expensive and from what I've learned from one of my crafting friends, shaping is the challenge in needle felting. I am inspired now to do this craft after seeing my housemate made a cat celphone charm, which she got from daiso as a kit. I think this is very easy, you just have to keep piercing the felting wool with the felting needle.:-) It would be easy for me to teach this craft too to my housemaid.

I want to share some crochet inspiration I found on instagram. Since I'm active there, aside from facebook. There is a lot of inspiration too in instagram, when it comes to crafting.

I admire this instagram user's amigurami projects. I think she sells these during craft shows in japan. Here are some of her works:
I never would like to make amigurami projects, because it is small and I think more intricate to do. But after seeing her work, I got inspired and inclined to make some projects which I can gift. Most of what she makes are celphone charms, earrings, necklaces. They're very cute and very clean work. If you are on instagram, you can follow her @alfaoscar Thanks for Reading!

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Travelling to Cameron Highlands

From time to time I would like to share some travel adventures I have, as currently I am not in the Philippines. Last December, I had a trip to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, with my husband. As a Philippine passport holder, you are only allowed to stay in Singapore for a maximum of 30 days. We stayed for 3 days in Cameron. We travelled for approximately 10 hours from Singapore to Cameron Highlands by bus.

And this is the view from our Hotel room in Copthorne Hotel. Cool climate at 18deg.cel. and the mountains are covered with fog.

Since I've been to these kind of places before, like Baguio in Philippines, and Mahabaleshwar in Kanataka, India, I can say l like this place among the three. I think there is much to do here. Well, maybe I haven't seen everything about Baguio? I know, i missed out on picking the strawberries.:-) We just rested for the whole afternoon as we were tired from travelling, and booked a tour for the following day. Had lunch at 4pm and went to stroll around the market area of which our hotel was located at.

A variety of flowers that grow just along the sidewalk when we were going out from the hotel to the market.

Things that you can see and buy in the market, cactuses,fresh flowers, and fresh vegetables and souvenirs that I didn't take a photo of.

chocolate covered strawberries.

First stop was this tea plantation, as the van went up to the highest point here in Cameron Highlands, all I can see are these tea bushes.

The BOH Tea factory. I forgot what this round part of a machine is called, but I remember watching the video in the factory that this is use for crushing the tea leaves. I cannot forget to bring something I knitted, and I had to wear it.:-)

This is how they plant their strawberries and below are some vegetables.

I like cactuses/succulents and i saw different types here that I haven't seen before, like both the ones on the right side. There is more that i didn't include in the photo. This place is called Cactus Point. If I could just bring at least 2 or 3 types of the smaller ones to Singapore, but the tour guide told us that immigration will not allow even if I declare. I would have made terrariums of these and give them as gifts. The lower right isn't so appealing to me and so it doesn't with my husband, he called it an ugly

Lettuce plantation which are all hydroponically grown. On the same location, there is a small cafe, beside the cafe you can also get souvenir items or food items. I got this strawberry/chocolate hot drink. At the back of this is a strawberry plantation, where you can pick and buy your own strawberries.

Last we visited was this flower plantation. I took some with me, since C grade flowers are of low quality already and they wouldn't be selling these anymore. I wasn't able to bring it back to Singapore, it will die anyway during the trip.

I missed the lavender plantation. I really wanted to see how it grows, since I planted my own in Cebu, but I guess it all just died because of the humid weather. Anyway, I still enjoyed the trip and the climate there.

I hope it's not too late to to greet everyone a Happy New year!

May the year be fruitful for all of us as we set new goals to reach and achieve!