Saturday, November 22, 2014

MY DIY Christmas

Since my job contract ended last May 2014, I have been trying to maximize what I have earned from my day job for the past 5+ years. Losing a job isn't so bad after all, if you have made plans for the money that you have earned. Looking for a job now takes longer time than from the previous generation. It's been 7 months that I am work-stress! My time is all mine and I'm free to do whatever I want to do everyday. I was counting, and I found out I had been working for almost 10 years for 8 or more hours in the office everyday!
Christmas is almost coming, but I'm always so lazy to decorate a room or in my house, maybe because I don't have so much time to do all the decorating by myself. I also have to buy christmas decorations, and the smallest Christmas tree will cost around Php400! Since I own all my time now, I thought i will make some DIY Christmas decorations. Because I don't want to spend so much for Christmas decors, I might as well make use of my TIME. Do more, spend less! This is the Christmas tree that i started to make yesterday. It stands around 2-3 feet. Actually my housemaid did this one. I just have to give her instructions on what to do. My sister hoarded too a lot of craft materials like fabrics, beads, ribbons, lace, coloring materials, etc. I thought I might use them too to minimize the clutter going on around the house. We made use of boxes that we have put around the garage and cut it into triangle shape boards. Connected them using a glue gun, covered it with white fabric which my sister found for sale in Ayala Center Cebu. I like the way the fabric looks which was purposely creased. I think the fabric is nice to give the tree a base color. I am still in the processed of making the trimmings, I used green colored tulle as if these are the leaves of the tree. . I made 3 already, I think I still need to make 3 or 4 more? Put Christmas balls and lights and that should do. Wait till i finished it...I hope I finish this by tomorrow so I can show it. While my housemaid made the tree, I also made a fabric/lace garland in shades of tan,white,and flower printed fabric in shades of green/pink and added some ladder yarns in red/orange. I am ready to hang this, this morning though not to satisfied with it yet til I put some christmas ornaments to hang with it. I hope to post updated photos of my DIY Christmas tree tomorrow and my Christmas fabric garland. Happy weekend everyone!
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