Sunday, November 16, 2014

last week's update

These are what I've been up to last week. Finished a girl's crochet dress, which I've been talking about in my previous post here I finished weaving in the ends of this dress but I still need to add the collar, and buttons - which closes the back part of the dress.
I made this for my niece, my cousin's daughter. Another thing I have done was a commissioned knit baby boobie hat for an 8th month old baby. I hope it will fit her/him well til he/she grows up to one year old! I got satisfied with how it looks, like a real boob...
I really wasn't able to find a pattern for this. I made use of the pumpkin hat I made earlier and made the stalk shorter so it would look like more of a nipple...does it? Lastly, I have to redo a cabled hat for a cousin who requested for it. I have posted this long back in ravelry, but I thought I should just redo it while I am still in Cebu and there is still time to finished it and give it to her to fit as well. It's more than half way, so i hope to finished it by monday or tuesday this week. I would say I would prefer to do lace knitting than cable knitting, but the cables are equally as satisfying as lace. I love the look of cables though I find it tedious to do. I hope everyone will have a crafty week ahead!
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