Wednesday, December 31, 2014


2014 - before reaching half of the year, I lost my job. Then more than half of it, i spend crafting. is that good or bad?:-) Well, of course I was still looking for a job, on and off, but I don't know, just didn't get any until the end of this year. While I don't have a day time job, might as well enjoy my "crafting days" for now, because when I will find one, am sure I won't own as much as my time now. Happy and endless time of crafting will be over for me. Working for almost 10 years in a day time job was so much pressure than I can handle, have you ever tried dreaming about your job? Really! I did! That was the time I thought I was totally stressed out. I had a technical job, and even at home I have to think if I didn't make any mistake.whew!

Crafting more this year, was indeed a BREAK for me from a technical,stressful world I have in the shipbuilding industry as a production design engineer. Maybe there are just too many standards that I have to follow building a ship, where as making a garment there are standards as well, but there is more flexibility in it...haha just a funny thought, or else maybe I'm just bored with ships now.:-)

I discovered from Amy Herzog's Knit to Flatter book, that making a knitted garment there really is a lot of mathematics involved. I hope to learn more from it, how to take body measurements to fit the garment to the person who is going to wear it.

As for my crafting in 2014, I knew I had been making more hats than any other project. Most of the baby/kids hat are made to orders. The adult hats I made were for the local garden show, hosted by Talisay Garden Club in my hometown in Cebu. I wanted to observe what kind of customers I will have during that local craft show, during our City's Annual Fiesta. From the name itself, they sell mostly plants, but my partner who is a doctor, who is actually the mother of my kindergarten/highschool friend was the one who encourage me to join and sell. She herself is a craft and yarn addict!

I made 2 shrugs, a baby blanket for a birthday gift, a scarf - which was a good practice for grafting, but not so successful with that. The owl purses which I made several ones for sale during the craft show, dish cloths for my house, a baby girls dress - 80% done. Through the woods hoody - needs buttons, a dress for my furry family member - Lovely also around 70% done. This yellow supposed to be cardigan, I feel guilty about this project because i've change the pattern twice already. for the third time using this yarn, I'm thinking this will be my practice piece to start doing a simple pattern of a cardigan using Amy Herzog's book as a guide.

For 2015, I want to make more adult garments. Using a simple pattern with this book as a guide might just be a good start.

Happy New Year! Cheers to more crafting, more yarn and more learning in the year ahead!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kitchen Towels and Crafting Goals for year 2015

So whenever I get bored with big projects, I resort to making quick and easy knit/crochet projects like this kitchen towels. I really wanted some handmade projects that I can accessorize in my house, and this is just one of those. The pink and multicolored ones I made long back and the blue one just very recent. I want to see these hanging in my kitchen to have that handmade feel in my house. Before I made this one too - a knit lace cover for a jar. Could you guess what's inside? Chocolates! Not so tempting anymore, lacy...makes you think what's inside, or sometimes I forget I have chocolates in this jar.
I hope to make more crochet/knit projects for the home next year. I also hope to teach my housemaid to do the craft, so I can multiply myself on what I want to achieve or make. It is not just teaching a craft, but more of sharing a life skill to her. It is really one of my goals to have somebody learn from me, to gauge myself of what will my output be - that is what kind of student I will produce.:-) Apart from making a "handmade home" and teaching the craft. I want to learn more on making garments. I just bought Amy Herzog's Knit to Flatter Class in Craftsy. Well, there is a lot to tackle but I'm making baby steps with it. I hope to have an output next year too from this class. Good luck to me!:-)

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Lacy Orange Shrug

So I finally finished this knitted lacy shrug. The pattern is a free pattern from deramores website. My aunt, who I think is fascinated with me and said, "You're still crocheting/crafting until now?" What would you say to that comment? I guess she's always notice me that I like to craft. This was the reason I decided to make this shrug for her. Maybe so she can see what I can do.:-) I remember I was bringing a knit blanket I needed done for a week as a birthday gift to a baby during our city's fiesta. I was there in her house to have lunch and knitting away the afternoon after getting full.:-) I thought to make this for her and hope that she will appreciate it. We'll i hope it's will fit her just fine. I didn't totally close the shoulders yet as with the instructions of the pattern just to see how it fits when I give this to her.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

DIY Christmas Tree and Garland

This is what I came up with and finished last week. Excuse me for the photo, as lovely, my dog just want to sleep beside the handmade christmas tree. I didn't finished it as fast as i expected. I only manage to put on printed fabric flowers as ornaments and the star on top, and added the steady christmas lights. I like the combination of the white fabric which I made as a base and covered it with green tulle to make it look more of a tree. What took me long to finish it was sewing the tulle by hand.
I made several of these, but still the tulle i bought wasn't enough to cover the whole tree. I wanted it glued overlapping each other as it gives more body and appeal to it. You can see I covered the bottom part with yellow ribbon, just to fill up the space as I was running out of tulle. I don't have a photo of the lights on. I think that would have been more nicer to see.
I made several of these fabric flowers to put on my tree and the garland. I have combined tulle and fabric and use my fabric covered metal buttons. The fabrics I have used I got from a fabric warehouse supplier just near my place. I should make a post about that mountain of fabrics!...literally:-) Since my sister left several pieces of styrofoam balls, I made use of them. I covered them with cords, and pearls, put a ribbon and a piece of string to hang then on my Christmas garland here:
I put the christmas balls and fabric flowers together with the garland. The fabrics in this garland I also got from the fabric warehouse supplier. I wanted to put more christmas balls, but I used up only what I have around the house. This one shows clearer colors of the fabrics that I use for my garland.
I used this floral printed fabric, mix with white and brown lace. I just tied a knot with each fabric on a piece of string/yarn, with the length the same as the width of my window. I really like the way this garland turned out. When I and my household helper got tired making the tree and's what we made fun of.
"I'm cute. isn't it."-lovely.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

MY DIY Christmas

Since my job contract ended last May 2014, I have been trying to maximize what I have earned from my day job for the past 5+ years. Losing a job isn't so bad after all, if you have made plans for the money that you have earned. Looking for a job now takes longer time than from the previous generation. It's been 7 months that I am work-stress! My time is all mine and I'm free to do whatever I want to do everyday. I was counting, and I found out I had been working for almost 10 years for 8 or more hours in the office everyday!
Christmas is almost coming, but I'm always so lazy to decorate a room or in my house, maybe because I don't have so much time to do all the decorating by myself. I also have to buy christmas decorations, and the smallest Christmas tree will cost around Php400! Since I own all my time now, I thought i will make some DIY Christmas decorations. Because I don't want to spend so much for Christmas decors, I might as well make use of my TIME. Do more, spend less! This is the Christmas tree that i started to make yesterday. It stands around 2-3 feet. Actually my housemaid did this one. I just have to give her instructions on what to do. My sister hoarded too a lot of craft materials like fabrics, beads, ribbons, lace, coloring materials, etc. I thought I might use them too to minimize the clutter going on around the house. We made use of boxes that we have put around the garage and cut it into triangle shape boards. Connected them using a glue gun, covered it with white fabric which my sister found for sale in Ayala Center Cebu. I like the way the fabric looks which was purposely creased. I think the fabric is nice to give the tree a base color. I am still in the processed of making the trimmings, I used green colored tulle as if these are the leaves of the tree. . I made 3 already, I think I still need to make 3 or 4 more? Put Christmas balls and lights and that should do. Wait till i finished it...I hope I finish this by tomorrow so I can show it. While my housemaid made the tree, I also made a fabric/lace garland in shades of tan,white,and flower printed fabric in shades of green/pink and added some ladder yarns in red/orange. I am ready to hang this, this morning though not to satisfied with it yet til I put some christmas ornaments to hang with it. I hope to post updated photos of my DIY Christmas tree tomorrow and my Christmas fabric garland. Happy weekend everyone!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

last week's update

These are what I've been up to last week. Finished a girl's crochet dress, which I've been talking about in my previous post here I finished weaving in the ends of this dress but I still need to add the collar, and buttons - which closes the back part of the dress.
I made this for my niece, my cousin's daughter. Another thing I have done was a commissioned knit baby boobie hat for an 8th month old baby. I hope it will fit her/him well til he/she grows up to one year old! I got satisfied with how it looks, like a real boob...
I really wasn't able to find a pattern for this. I made use of the pumpkin hat I made earlier and made the stalk shorter so it would look like more of a nipple...does it? Lastly, I have to redo a cabled hat for a cousin who requested for it. I have posted this long back in ravelry, but I thought I should just redo it while I am still in Cebu and there is still time to finished it and give it to her to fit as well. It's more than half way, so i hope to finished it by monday or tuesday this week. I would say I would prefer to do lace knitting than cable knitting, but the cables are equally as satisfying as lace. I love the look of cables though I find it tedious to do. I hope everyone will have a crafty week ahead!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sewing Adventure Begins

Now I think it's time to refresh a bit of sewing. I've learned sewing back in school during elementary or highschool years. I really do need to start sewing again because I have stash a bit of fabric...but not half the yarn yet I have stash! This project is supposed to be a throw pillow case but because I put a batting in between, it seemed that the fabric became shorter. I have only put 1/4 inch allowance for seaming. I need to make 6 pieces of these for my sala set throw pillows. Next time, I think I should be putting aroun 1/2 inch seam. Besides learning how to sew I wanted to learn quilting too, so I decided to put some batting. It really looks better with the batting, makes the piece sturdy and gives it more body. Anyway, since this piece came out short, I will make this into a table mat. I just added a printed bias tape to close the edge. I really didn't buy my own electronic sewing machine yet, since I won't be around too long in Cebu or I might be moving around a lot. Instead, I borrowed an electronic sewing machine from a very good friend. She brought this sewing machine in japan since she was working there for 3 years. This machine is different from what I have seen most on the new ones now. It does not have a pedal, but instead a small button to run the machine. I did have a bit of time to figure out what the instructions say, but the manual had a lot of detailed illustrations. When I started using it I thought my hand sewing has more even stitches than the machine, which needs a getting-used to controlling it. I didn't even notice time just went by yesterday and I was sewing this piece from 10am-5pm!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Addicted with a new Craft - Terrariums

Around two months ago, I was planning on having a small vegetable garden. My lawn is a small one as I live in a subdivision, but i thought i should make use of the space I have, no matter how small it is. I still have yet to take pics of the plants that I have grown from seeds. A small steel plant stand is also what I have planned to get customize, so the plants would give a bit of shade to the front window of the house. So far there is no feedback on the quote yet from a friend who I ask to customize plant stands for me. I have planted veggies - tomatoes,raddish,broccolis, but not all have survive. I guess because there is too much sun on the front side of the house. From where I'm living, the weather is not cool enough for the brocollis, which most of it died. Some are still surviving. They all need full sun but should have some shade. To solve that problem of not getting enough shade, I'm now looking for a climbing plant or with vines that would create shade for the veggies and herbs that I have planted too. I have mint and oregano for now.:-) These was just another craft I was doing for the couple of months aside from knitting and crochet that I have been doing too. Another addiction that I have been itching to try on is making some terrariums. So far I have made 4 terrariums. First I made one for my house which i have put on the shelf first.
And just the other day when I was in my mom's house I saw an unused aquarium. I told her that this can be use as a terrarium as it looked really useless to me. She just put plastic plants and pebbles inside it and placed it in a corner 3-tier table. So yesterday I came up with these:
I made to more yesterday, which i place on the shelf in my house. the first one I made i transferred on top of the fridge.
I wanted to try using this vase too, which has a bit of flair. Making this becomes more intricate compare to those round types with bigger openings.
This shell shape vase I find easy to work with. Just cute,easy and fast.:-) As for my yarn crafting. I've finished a little girl's dress, which I will be gifting to my niece. I will post and talk about it when I post the photo.
This one's a work in progress shrug, I am gifting for my aunt. This side is almost done, i think just 4 more rows left. I need to make 2 of these rectangular parts. I've use Louisa Harding's Ondine yarns. The free pattern is from deramores sirdar lacy shrug pattern Lastly, these were some of my yarn purchases last year. I have let my aunt brought these with her when she went home from Florida, U.S.
Another shade of Louisa Harding yarns, berroco pure pima, and fibranatura exquisite bamboo! Now, what to make out of these? I plan to make the green berroco pure pima into a knitted leaf shawl. The other 2 shades I still have to find out what to make out of them.