Sunday, May 06, 2012

Projects done

During the past month i have finished a few small projects both crochet and knit. I was able to do a knitted baby booties while I was on a 3 day trip to Phuket, Thailand:
I was able to crochet a dish cloth using the yarns in my previous post. i should take another photo of it as i have already deleted from my phone. and now, my WIP is a knitted baby cap:
so as not to keep me bored with the tablecloth which is halfway done. I want to show some photos also of my trip to phuket, thailand: sunset at patong Beach, Phuket
island hopping in Phi Phi Islands, Phuket
parasailing, fantasea, beach, the hotel we were staying
snorkelling in phuket
having a fresh coconut juice at beachfront - patong beach phuket