Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hello, it's been a long long time

it's really been a long time since I haven't posted on my blog. For almost 1 year! I can't believe this is what my work has done for me, very little time to craft. I only did a few stitches in my cross stitch and no crochet for almost or over a year...whew!

Last two weeks ago I travelled to Baler,Aurora Province from Olongapo for our SFC-Recon (regional Conference - Central Luzon). We weren't able to go around the place much, but the conference was very refreshing for us SFCs' who attended the regional conference.

We got lost on our way there and took around 12 hours to travel. The trip was full of adventure, we have to stop over for lunch in the forest and have to cross a wooden bridge. All of us have to get down the bus before the bus could get across the bridge:

Here are some photos of my trip along with other single men and women:

(these photos we're taken when we got of the bus so it could cross the bridge)





Photobucket leaders i honor, leah, kuya marlon, and ate grace

Oh and I took these photos with my new phone unit a sony ericsson P1i.

My next post will be photos of my despedida with Sfc-Olongapo and my despedida here in Cebu, as I will be relocating in singapore for a new job as naval architect.