Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I went around the mall yesterday to buy some cd recordables because a friend wanted me to make her daughter a few audio cd giveways for her debut. Of course, I never went out of the mall without visiting the craftshop there. I saw two kinds of yarn that they now sell in packs and, there was only one that i was able to identify, which was like the trellis yarn. The other one i wasn't able to identify. Then i was stacks of redheart, which coats and clark distributed here. I think I remember Mimi saying that coats and clark will be using the brand name of redhearts.

I have to be going back there tomorrow to see what i can have...:) although i haven't done much crochet and knitting during the past months. i should be doing some after i do my cross stitch. I also saw new supplies of wooden knitting needles they have there.
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