Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Wedding

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This is what I’ve been doing for the past months, working on “THE WEDDING” cross – stitch for my aunt. I will be selling this to her when I go home to Cebu maybe by the end of this year. I haven’t done any crochet and knitting at this moment although I still have a lot of those projects to finish. Maybe I will show a photo tomorrow of a cardigan that I’m doing. Right now I just want to concentrate on project at a time because I don’t have a lot of time to craft now …not like before. Since I don’t have a digicam here, I have to maximize my mobile and use it also as a camera. I just sent the photo through my photobucket account as MMS then post it here…Hmmm…why didn’t I thought of this before? J

During weekdays the travel to work requires about 2 hours, back and forth, and that is what makes my day very tiring while our work doesn’t really demand much at the moment. Most of us here (my officemates) don’t know if we’re going to last in this Korean Company, since that there management doesn’t really have a system to follow. We’ve voice out all that we have to tell our bosses about our problems here but they said they can do nothing about it because it’s the management that makes the decision..or maybe they just afraid to tell our problems to those who are in higher position to them. They said they don’t have any power to make the decision for us. It seems that Filipinos here are being discriminated by Koreans when Koreans are the one opening their business here, which Filipinos think that they should learn to get along in our culture, because while we were in Korea we also live like the Koreans, like eating there food and bowing to our bosses as sign of respect.
A lot of my colleagues have already resign from the office and find a better paid job, but I hope and I think some of us here are still hoping that everything will go well for all of us, especially the workers at the yard and that the management would listen to our complaints and demands.