Friday, June 08, 2007


I don't have any pictures to post and it's been a long time since i haven't posted here in my blog. I'm still doing a lot of projects lately but mostly during weekends since work requires more of my time. i'm continuing with "The Wedding" cross stitch for my aunt, which i will bring with me back to Cebu when i get a chance to have a holiday by october. I'm also doing a crocheted cardigan, which i have yet to finish. I can't show any photo of it at the moment since I left the digicam with my sister in Cebu. I hope i will get the chance also to use my phone and download the images on my friends PC at home so i can post it here in my blog.

I have relocated due to my new job and now living in Olongapo, Zambales and alone without my family and old friends....i still need to bring all my craft materials which i have left home in Cebu. I now work here as a ship design engineer at Hanjin Heavy Industries - Philippines, a korean company.

I'm also happy to hear that there are already 2 distributors of LB yarns here in the Philippines. I would really like to visit the shop which is located in Manila. the shop's name is dreams yarnshoppe and they're not just selling yarns but knitting needles and crochet needles and probably other craft materials that came abroad. the other shop is asia embroidery. i have yet to see how much the yarns would be. maybe, if i get some i'll use it for personal stuff. i might not be able to sell them if they're too expensive.


Mimi said...

Hi Fe, congrats on the new job, I hope you are not getting too homesick :)
I would love to see the LB yarns that are offered here, but I'm sure they're expensive. I'm glad I still have some I got from Swaps and Raoks. I've been working mostly with thread lately, there isnt really enough time to do the projects we want to do...

Vik said...

Nice to hear from you again, Fe! Congratulations on the new job and best wishes fot the adjustment period: new city, new job, ... many of us are facing the same as you! such a coincidence this year... (the pig´s chinese year!)

Fe said...

thanks mi and Vik! yeah i agree there really isn't enough time for crafting as much as i want to as before. anyway Mi, the shop is in glorietta and the other one is in Paranaque.please tell me if you can visit. i still have a lot of yarns from the swaps at crochetville but i haven't brought everything here. i left most in cebu. maybe i'll bring them all when i go home by the end of this year.