Saturday, December 09, 2006

we're just about to start our lecture today...but i'm still sleepy. i promise i'll post the photos next week. i'm a bit worried about the white scarf i'm making for my friend...i may have to undo it if the yarn won't be enough with the size i made...huhu... i'm going to receive an advance xmas gift from mimi also! she said it will arrive here before xmas. mmm...what could be inside that package? and what project could i be doing with it.

can't wait 4 it Mi. i'm trying to look around the city here also if i could find some yarn. winter clothes are expensive here including scarves and caps ranging from 9,000 WON up.


Mimi said...

Its good you are able to post while on training there.
I do hope the package arrives safely, Fe. I thought of not telling you, as a surprise, but maybe its better so you can watch out for it ;)

Fe said...

thanks again. i told my friends to wait for your package to i might something there that might be good to use for a headband. i had no more yarn left that's going to be good for that project. cotton maybe good so they can still use it when in the philippines.