Saturday, August 12, 2006

At this moment, I've finished a pair of legwarmers for Yumi in the same color as the cap, scarf and wristlets. Here's a photo of it:

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I plan to make her either a bolero, capelet or poncho. I'm thinking which one i could finished in two weeks since she will be leaving by 3rd of september. Mostly probably, I'd be able to finish a capelet in that short time i have left.

I hope this will also fit for Yumi since she has skinnier legs than mine and it seems when i fit the legwarmers, it just fits right on my legs.

i wish i could make more garments for Yumi, but since I don't have much time now i would probably send her more handcrafted garments for her 3 year work contract in Japan.


Vik said...

How cool is that!

Fe said...

Thanks Vik! I hope it fits ok for Yumi. i'm still learning though.

Debi said...

Oh you've been so busy!!!! Everything looks great! I especially enjoyed the photos of your dogs.

Fe said...

haha...thanks for dropping by Deb! my dogs are very restless and playful.

Mimi said...

Wow, all those are lovely gifts, Fe! I'm sure Yumi loves it, and will be so happy to receive some packages from you when she's in Japan. Its a long stay there, I wish her luck ;)