Saturday, August 19, 2006

A day at the shipyard

This may not be craft related. It was one tedious and a satisfying day when i've finish my job on board this ship, named Miguel Rene which is currently on drydocked in one of the shipyards here in Cebu.
Here are photos i'd like to show during my day spent at the shipyard yesterday:

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I finished my job in the morning, which was good because the sun's heat wasn't too scorching yet. I almost forgot taking these photos, which was my first time doing it in my work. Good i had on-the-job trainees together with me who shoot these photos using my K600i.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

At this moment, I've finished a pair of legwarmers for Yumi in the same color as the cap, scarf and wristlets. Here's a photo of it:

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I plan to make her either a bolero, capelet or poncho. I'm thinking which one i could finished in two weeks since she will be leaving by 3rd of september. Mostly probably, I'd be able to finish a capelet in that short time i have left.

I hope this will also fit for Yumi since she has skinnier legs than mine and it seems when i fit the legwarmers, it just fits right on my legs.

i wish i could make more garments for Yumi, but since I don't have much time now i would probably send her more handcrafted garments for her 3 year work contract in Japan.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i've finished the wrist warmers. Here's one photo of it:

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i think it's quite big for yumi, but it will still do for the cold weather in Japan.