Monday, March 20, 2006

My Package Arrived

I got my pacakge today that I got from my friend Jeremy. He's a friend living in Indiana, U.S. One of the presents that I ask from him was the 2006 crochet-a-day-pattern calendar. Together with it also is a victoria's secret pearl glace body spray and 8 gamecube games. Jeremy's been spoiling me,my sister and cousins with a lot of video games and other presents since we've known each other. Here's a photo of the presents that i received yesterday:

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My current project is a shoulder bag, which will be my friend's graduation gift to her cousin. It is in sky blue and navy blue. I have do to it fast and I've got one more week to go before I give it to friend. Hope i'll finish this in time.


Mimi said...

Wow, lucky you! A special friend?...
Btw, Fe, I hope you tell me what projects are interesting in the crochet calendar. I have seen only a few projects made from it. I'll look forward to what you'll be making from those patterns =)

Fe said...

Sure, i'll definitely show you the most interesting ones. i'll be showing it to my officemate also since i've taught her already then she should be showing some interest in it.