Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Chic on a halfshell

thanks to Drew for this pattern. I made one right away...for myself. i'll be bringing this with me to the grand family reunion tonight. i use a red heart yarn super saver. can't remember the color. i got this yarn from one of my yarnswaps at crochetville. the closure is a flap. i crocheted two rounds of the pattern then a few rows of sc's about 1/4 of the side of the 2nd row. then i got a bead to insert it on the center of the 2 rounds. couldn't find any other color around but just pink. the handle is also a bit longer than in the pattern, and i also sewed an organza ribbon in green at the back of it.
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one of my WIPS that has been sitting for a long time here. i finally gave it to my friend Cathy, whose been waiting for it for a long time. i made up my own pattern here, then put a plastic canvas at the bottom and lined it with a blue fabric inside.
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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Getting Ready for Baguio!!!

I'm finally getting ready for Baguio. It's about 6 hours drive from the city of Manila. I'll be leaving by the 8 of February with a few friends. And around the months of January to February it's still cold in Baguio. I've finally made my own cap for me to bring to Baguio City! It's going to be fun and exciting!!! My cap is in lavender and purple.
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I still use the same pattern for this cap from mimicat's patterns. Everyone love this cap because it fits in the head very well. Several of my friends want to have one each requesting there own color choices. I told them that they had to learn crochet so they don't have to keep on waiting for me to make any item for them, the next time they see something that i've crocheted. So, do i look good in it?? Am I ready to go to Baguio? thought i should have done this in blue so it will match Dennymare's knitted scarf that she sent me in the swap.

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and so here is Sam again, posing in the office for that cap i crocheted for her. she seems to have endless "crochet requests" for me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Yumi's New Year's gift and Butchoy's Birthday gift

i used the same pattern for these hats and also with the previous one i made for Bambie. Yumi's hat is somewhat in halloween colors: Image hosted by Image hosting by Photobucketand here is a closer look of Yumi's hat. there's about an inch fold at the end of this cap. Image hosted by i mixed a furry yarn at the last row of it, which i got from one of my swaps.

this one is done all in black, which was Butchoy's request so he can use it during break dancing. also that it won't get easily dirty. and this one doesn't have a fold at the end. Image hosted by Image hosted by