Monday, November 28, 2005

Here are more scrunchies that i've done this weekend.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by my friend bought this one right away when she saw it. it seems that most of them just love this color so much. especially with the special flower sequins that i used with it which is also in lavender. it really looks so sparkling.

Image hosted by this one is also in lavender but without the flower sequins.

i've done another one in peach but haven't taken a photo of it yet, without flower sequins and i'm making another one with sequins in it.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Photos from my new digicam

i haven't notice that it's already the end of November and holidays are coming! i coudln't believe that my last post was around 2nd week of november. it has been really a busy month for me.

anyway i want to show photos from my new digicam. i've also put aside the ring bearer's pillow for my friend as she isn't sure yet of the wedding day which might not happen yet this december. i only have the other side to finish now and the edgings.

Image hosted by me and sam

Image hosted by at's me at the middle and my friend and uncle at the sides. we were having dinner during my sisters birthday.

now i couldn't find the birthday celebrant's photo together with my father, who are sitting across the table.

here's what i've been doing last night: Image hosted by this is the same pattern i've used for the pouch bag that i gave to my autumn secret pal, Angie. Maybe this one will be for my mom again, which was one of her request months ago. She likes using small bags too.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Scrunchies!

Here are 4 more scrunchies that i've made last weekend:

Image hosted by the blue with flower sequins is made with acrylic thread. counter clockwise, i just combined the acryclic blue thread with glittery white thread on the top row of it. next one, i just use one color of yarn, which is yellow. and next i use pink luster sheen then combined with it again the glittery white thread at the top row.

i'm still making more this weekend...maybe if i won't be too busy.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ring bearer's Pillow progress and autumn SP's reveal package

Sorry to my autumn SP for taking so long to post this photos. I want to thank Dennymare for the wonderful packages she has sent me and for granting me my wishes too! here are photos of what she has sent me:

Image hosted by here's a little pouch bag that she knitted, crochet hooks in different sizes, a flower power booklet from lily yarns, a blue/green crocheted scrunchie, and a rose shaped scented soap

Image hosted by and this one was the first time i ever saw this really big ball of yarn- jo-ann's boucle sensation yarn, a ball of bernat boa, a ball of cotton sugar and cream yarn in hot pink.

Image hosted by a blue scarf that Mary also knitted for me, which i'm keeping in my closet at the moment. if i can go to Baguio City early next year then i ought to bring this.

Image hosted by i did this ring beare's pillow during the weekend. it's for my friend Yumi getting married next month. i've just done the first side yet, hopefully i'll do the other side this coming weekend.

Image hosted by just a closer look of the stitches.

Monday, November 07, 2005

I haven't posted photos yet of my SP's reveal package and the scrunchies that i've made since i've been so busy during the weekend. i have made 3 more scrunchies until now. i hope i can get a digicam so i don't have to worry that i can't take photos during night. :( mostly especially with my upcoming weekend activities with SFC(Singles for Christ)...i know i'll be taking lots of photos.

i'm also watching Harry Potter, which will be on theatres next week!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

More Scrunchies coming!

i'm making more scrunchies in different colors, some with beads. i think i'll also make some in fun fur to show off and sell or give away.

i'll show tomorrow the scrunchies that i have done. my friends love what i do and one of the scrunchies i did i have already sold, which was in lavender acryic thread. i'm making several more of the same color since a lot of my friends prefer that one.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


that i have made last night. two are made in size 10 thread and one is in size 8.

here are the photos:

Image hosted by this one is in size 10 yellow thread with red beads.

Image hosted by this one is in the same color of thread and with flower sequins at the last row.

Image hosted by this one i made with the same thread as the a-shaped purse.