Monday, October 31, 2005

A-shaped shell purse

this is another purse for my officemate again, which has been seating around here for awhile now. i've finally finished it: Image hosted by it's made of anchor lifestyles crochet cotton thread in size 8. i used 2 strands of thread and a size 1 steel hook.

and here is the zipper/handle detail. this lock is attached to the zipper:Image hosted by

i'm feeling a little lazy now to put on a lining in this purse as i've now seen the finish project and just very contented with how it looks.


Julia Elvarado said...
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Mimi said...

Nice work on the bags, Fe!
I like the shape of the bag w/ zipper. I prefer the feel of cotton bags and I think its much more durable.

Btw, you may also turn on word verification on the comments setting to avoid spam...

Fe said...

oh ok. thanks for that tip Mimi on blogging.