Monday, October 31, 2005

A-shaped shell purse

this is another purse for my officemate again, which has been seating around here for awhile now. i've finally finished it: Image hosted by it's made of anchor lifestyles crochet cotton thread in size 8. i used 2 strands of thread and a size 1 steel hook.

and here is the zipper/handle detail. this lock is attached to the zipper:Image hosted by

i'm feeling a little lazy now to put on a lining in this purse as i've now seen the finish project and just very contented with how it looks.
Here's a pouch bag that I made yesterday for a friend whose celebrating her birthday this coming saturday: Image hosted by I still need a cord as a lock and i used one of the yarns i got from my yarn swap. It is in variegated colors of peach, blue, yellow and a little shade of lavender. There's an old cd at the bottom of it to stiffen the bag. I crocheted another piece like the bottom, inserted the cd between the two pieces then sewed it together.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

another bag WIP...

or maybe i should call it purse because it's much smaller and it's for my officemate Samantha. it's also going to have a lining and zipper. i hate working with linings, but well its what makes the whole project beautiful. it's made of thread size 8 and i crocheted it in two strands in pastel colors of pink and aqua with anchor variegated thread. i'll post a photo of it on the weekend hopefully.

anyway it's going to be a long weekend ahead...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

bag WIP

this is for my friend Cathy. this bag is done in sky blue and grey, 2 strands of yarn are held together and this is the effect:

Image hosted by

i'm almost done with it as i'm doing the handle part of it. then i'll be putting a lining, maybe a printed one, then a zipper. i'm also putting a plastic canvas on its base to stiffen it. i hope it will come out good and hope my friend likes it.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Autumn Secret Pal 2005 - first package received

this is what i got from my first package from my secret pal:

these are the yarns that i got:

Image hosted by

and these are knitting and crochet notions. she was very kind to grand me what i need/want:

Image hosted by

these are also crochet and knitting booklets. there are 4 of it,

Image hosted by

thanks so much SP for granting my wishes. i enjoyed everything in it as much as you enjoyed shopping for it. oh, and the wrist pouch is no longer in the photos because my mom wanted it for her self. they all love what you sent me and enjoyed touching the yarns too!